Serena Williams says she would be ‘super interested’ in owning a WNBA team


Since I developed away from tennis, Serena Williams He became a prolific investor in and outside the world of sports and has stakes in the football club Angel City Club And the golf franchise Los Angeles Golf Club (LAGC) along with its other projects.

The 23-time Grand Slam champion told CNN’s Amanda Davis that she is “very interested” in adding a WNBA team to her portfolio.

“I would definitely be (interested).” “With the right market, I would definitely be very interested in that,” she said, acknowledging the “moment” women’s basketball is having after a successful NCAA tournament that broke all kinds of viewing records.

The WNBA Draft takes place on Monday with Caitlin Clark projected to be the No. 1 overall pick which only keeps up that interest.

Even before she stepped away from tennis, Williams’ company Serena Ventures had invested in 66 startups, including 16 unicorns — companies valued at more than $1 billion. It also sought to support traditionally underrepresented entrepreneurs – 78% of the startups Serena Ventures invested in were started by women and people of color.

As an experienced investor, Williams says women’s sports are “a very safe bet for me when it comes to investing.”

“There is no risk (factor),” she said. “Women’s sports are exciting, and they’re fun to watch. What’s the difference? … I think more people have watched women’s college basketball than men. So I think people realize it’s exciting to watch.”

In addition to investing in all of these projects herself, Williams has invested in her six-year-old daughter Olympia’s name, making her a part-owner of both Angel City FC and LAGC.

Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr poses with her mother Serena Williams and father Alexis Ohanian at the premiere of...

Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian even to publish On X, formerly known as Twitter, Olympia is now the youngest owner of two teams in professional sports, and that their unborn daughter Adira was also part owner of LAGC.

“That’s how I grew up when I was little,” Williams said of her decision to invest in her daughters’ names.

“My dad made us open our own bank accounts and I’m talking like we were very young. Obviously he and my mom had to sign together, but we had $100. “We were literally five people or less, and we understood the importance of ownership.

“So I think she will… always know the importance of being an entrepreneur, an owner, and the role that she will play because believe me, she will work for it as soon as she can… and it’s not free. She has to work for it. And I think she will accept that.”

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