‘Ghostly’ Animal Just Discovered Named After ‘Harry Potter’ Character

Newly discovered ant species detailed in ZooKeys Stady It shares many characteristics with well-known ones Harry Potter Punk, the source of the name itself.

the Leptanella voldemort The ant was discovered in early March by Dr. Mark Wong of the University of Western Australia. Two ants were discovered when Wong and his team of researchers were digging in Australia. The researchers found that the ants live deep underground after digging a hole 80 feet deep to extract them. Ant is part of leptanella Genus, a rare type of ant that includes only 60 species.

According to Long, Ant He shares many characteristics with Lord Voldemort– The main antagonist in common Harry Potter series. Throughout the series, Lord Voldemort – also referred to as You-Know-Who, the Dark Lord and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named – is a dark wizard trying to outwit the young wizard Harry Potter, who ventures out on various quests with his best friend. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

A ghostly species named after the Harry Potter character
An image of the ant Leptanella Voldemort, named after Harry Potter’s antagonist, Lord Voldemort. The ant was discovered in Australia in early March.

Dr Mark Wong/University of Western Australia

In the films, Lord Voldemort, played by Ralph Fiennes, is depicted as pale, with long limbs and sinister lines. The newly discovered ant lives exclusively underground, according to Wong, and has pale features.

Wong called the ant a “ghost” in one of the words ABC Pilbara a report.

“The ant’s body was pale, unusually thin, and it had long, thin, slender legs. The ant also had long, sharp jaws, indicating that it might be a ferocious predator,” Wong said. Newsweek. “The ant’s appearance, its predatory nature, and its dark underground home reminded me of Lord Voldemort, the thin, pale villain from the ant world.” Harry Potter Books I read in my youth, who also lived in the shadows and was sometimes called the “Dark Lord.”

Considering the leptanella The rare nature of the genus, Wong said the new species will help researchers learn more about it leptanella Ants.

“Documenting the diversity of these and other underground ants is the next frontier in mycology,” he said in the ABC Pilbara report.

Wong said Newsweek He plans to “continue investigating ant diversity and documenting new species.”

“I also conduct research on the spread of non-native ants by humans around the world and the impacts of invasive species, and I also just published a global study showing that there are more insects at night,” Wong said.

Another new species – although now extinct – was recently discovered in Australia. A team of researchers identified Three new extinct species of giant kangaroos After examining fossils from Australia. The largest kangaroos – Protymnodon Phytor-It was twice the size of today’s red kangaroo, which can reach a height of 6 feet. The research team is preparing to head to Papua New Guinea “to search for fossils of early types of dinosaurs.” Protymnodon and other animals that lived alongside them,” according to co-author Gavin Prideaux.

Updated 4/17/24, 1:43 PM ET: This article has been updated with additional information.

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Newsweek is committed to challenging conventional wisdom and finding connections in the search for common ground.

Newsweek is committed to challenging conventional wisdom and finding connections in the search for common ground.

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