The NFL, GENYOUth and NFL FLAG will distribute more than 4,000 free NFL FLAG-In-School Flag football kits for the upcoming school year, inspiring youth to develop a love of the sport

New York, April 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The National Football League (NFL), GENYOUth, and NFL FLAG celebrate 11th anniversaryy GENYOUth year NFL FLAG-In-School Program Applications are open at the national level for the academic year 2024-2025. Starting today, teachers and school community organizations can apply free NFL FLAG-In-School Football Kit to strengthen and enhance their physical education curriculum and equipment. Applications will be closed May 15, 2024.

Through renewed commitment $1.5 million From the NFL Foundation, NFL FLAG-In-School provides physical activity opportunities for students regardless of gender, ability or skill level. From 2014 through the 2024-25 school year, 37,000 toolkits will be provided to U.S. schools and school community organizations, engaging an estimated 17 million students to become more active before, during and after school.

NFL FLAG-In-School is a proven resource that inspires youth to participate in sports. The program works to increase interest and participation in sports while providing an equitable solution for schools that lack access to physical activity opportunities for students due to budget constraints. The positive impact of NFL FLAG-In-School on girls is particularly notable, with schools reporting increases in female students’ participation in physical activity, an increasing number of girls’ after-school soccer programs, and a move toward girls’ flag football as a soccer sport. Team sports at the high school level.

Flag football is already one of the fastest growing team sports in the world United Statehas gone global with the recent decision to add it to the Olympic Games program for the 2028 Summer Games Los Angeles. Overall, football is experiencing a strong level of expansion that NFL FLAG-In-School has undoubtedly contributed to.

“With less than 1 in 4 school-age youth getting the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity¹, the need for NFL FLAG-In-School and the opportunities it provides students to be physically active has never been greater,” he said. Anne-Marie CrotheimCEO of GENYOUth. “Teachers tell us that the tools and resources we provide are an important part of their efforts to support the health and well-being of their students. We are proud of NFL FLAG-In-School’s role in inspiring young people to embrace a lifelong love of sports.”

“NFL FLAG-In-School provides a pathway for students to benefit from the many transferable values ​​that the game of football has to offer, regardless of gender, age, class, disability and race,” he said. Troy Vincent, Sr.NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations. “The NFL, GENYOUth and NFLAG partnership is a critical resource to ensure that under-resourced schools are able to meet the physical activity needs of their students through the most popular and fastest-emerging collegiate sport in America. Football should be for everyone students!”

“The NFL Foundation is proud of our long-standing partnership with GENYOUth to provide kids with more opportunities Play 60,” He said Alexia GallagherNFL vice president of philanthropy and executive director of the NFL Foundation. “Because young people need opportunities to be active and healthy, high-quality resources like these kits ensure that football and sports in general are accessible to everyone.”

“NFL FLAG’s commitment is to make sports accessible to all athletes,” he said. Ezel ReeseExecutive Director of NFL FLAG and CEO of RCX Sports. “Working with our partners GENYOUth and the NFL, we are committed to ensuring that NFL FLAG-In-School and the game of football are available to students across the country.”

NFL FLAG-In-School will launch in 2024 with A series of in-school flag football clinics/unboxing events In cities including Orlando And Indianapolis. Events hosted by NFL Legend and Global Flag Football Ambassador Bobby Taylorproviding opportunities for students to learn more about flag football while taking to the field to develop their flag raising skills.

The momentum will continue to build next week Detroit District as GENYOUth partners with Detroit Sports Commission, NFL, and Alltroo to bring NFL FLAG-In-School to middle schools in Wayne, MacombAnd Auckland Districts for the 2024-25 school year. Partnership, aligned with the 2024 NFL Draft in Detroitwill launch the Alltroo Rally fundraising effort, in support of NFL FLAG-In-School, a featured component of the Detroit Sports Commission’s long-term Living Legacy Initiative focused on education (literacy) and youth sports (girls in sports), starting with the draft NFL 2024 spans all major upcoming sporting events Detroit.

To learn more and apply for an NFL FLAG-In-School kit for your school, visit https://flag.genyouthnow.org/. To find or start an NFL FLAG league in your community, visit www.nflalag.com/school. For NFL FLAG-In-School updates and more, follow along NFL flag, NFL Play 60And @GENYOUthNow On Twitter. And use the hashtag #PlayFootball to share your stories of NFL FLAG-In-School best practices and how the program positively contributes to youth development in your community.

About the NFL Foundation
The National Football League Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of those impacted by the game of football – from players at all levels to communities across the country. The NFL Foundation, its members, and the 32 NFL clubs support the health, safety and wellness of athletes, youth football and the communities that support our game. For more information about the NFL Foundation, visit: www.NFLfoundation.org.

About Genuth
GENYOUth is a national 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping school children succeed by living well-nourished and physically active lives. As a catalyst for youth health and wellness, GENYOUth has supported more than 77,000 U.S. schools with the resources needed to ensure millions of children have equal access to nutrition and physical activity. Founded by American dairy farmers and the NFL, GENYOUth brings together a network of public and private partners, including Fortune 100 companies and organizations, to ensure all children are nourished and active to be their best. With a commitment to eliminating student hunger, GENYOUth provides food grants to increase access to healthy school meals among food insecure students. GENYOUth is the official charitable partner of Taste of the NFL, a purpose-driven Super Bowl culinary experience that raises awareness and funds to fight hunger and food insecurity in support of the organization’s commitment to eliminating student hunger. To learn more and support visit GENYOUth www.GENYOUthnow.org Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram And Twitter.

About the NFL flag
NFL flag It is the NFL-licensed property of more than 1,800 national leagues and more than 585,000 youth athletes in all 50 states. NFL FLAG is a fun and accessible offline program available to girls and boys ages 5-17. Players benefit from physical activity through non-contact and consistent work while learning soccer basics as well as lessons in teamwork and sportsmanship. RCX Sports is the official operator of NFL FLAG.

About RCX Sports
RCX Sports is the industry leader in youth sports experiences, managing and operating leagues, camps, combines, tournaments and events. By working directly with professional leagues, national governing bodies and sports-focused companies, such as the NFL and Jr. NBA, MLB, NHL and NAIA, RCX is committed to improving the accessibility and inclusivity of sports by creating opportunities for all athletes to participate. He plays. For more information, visit rcxsports.com.

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