Moments after a jury was complete, a man outside the courthouse set himself on fire, a witness said

Police respond to man caught on fire outside building

Alexandra MarquezIt is headquartered in Washington, DC

The New York Police Department already had a heavy presence outside the courtroom, due to the high interest in this case. As smoke rose from the designated protest area, they rushed to find what looked like a fire extinguisher.

A man set himself on fire outside the courtroom

A witness said a man set himself on fire inside the designated protest area outside Trump’s impeachment trial in New York.

Someone caught fire in the designated protest area

Rebecca ChabadLocated in Washington, DC

There was a person who was in the designated protest area outside the courthouse and he caught fire.

The potential juror was excused for his past social media posts against Trump

Alexandra MarquezIt is headquartered in Washington, DC
Alexandra Marquez And Adam Rees

One potential juror was excused after Trump and Merchan’s lawyers examined his past social media posts about Trump.

“I don’t remember posting that,” the juror said. “This isn’t mine.”

However, the juror added: “At the time, yes I might have thought so,” before the judge excused him.

The jury is full

The sixth substitute was seated.

Potential juror said Jan. 6 was ‘insurrection’

Rebecca ChabadLocated in Washington, DC
Adam Rees And Rebecca Chabad

A potential juror said the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, was an “insurrection” during questioning with Trump’s lawyers.

When asked if he had strong opinions and his posts about Trump, he said, “The most damaging thing is the negative rhetoric and bias that he talks about.”

Asked whether the jury expressed extreme hatred for Trump, he said: “Based on his speech, yes.” He added that he would continue to focus on “what is the law, and what constitutes a violation of the law?”

Juror says he thinks Trump is ‘usually great’

Alexandra MarquezIt is headquartered in Washington, DC
Adam Rees And Alexandra Marquez

One juror, when asked about his view of Trump, said that when he thinks of the former president, he thinks “usually great.”

The jury also said of Trump: “I don’t know him personally. He’s a family man. He’s a businessman.”

Trump takes an inside look at potential voters

Laura Garrett And Kayla Guilfoyle

Once again, Trump has a mini-political focus group in this courtroom, to get an inside look at likely voters in the 2024 election.

There are some potential jurors who said they support Trump’s policies and consider him a “family man.” There was also at least one juror who said he had trouble with the GOP’s positions on religion and women’s rights to control their bodies.

The trial continues to provide a fascinating look into the daily lives of New Yorkers as the presumptive GOP nominee ponders how to message voters this fall.

Trump’s lawyer asks the potential juror, a sexual assault survivor, if he has Trump’s background against him

When one potential juror was asked about her views on Trump, she said: “His rhetoric, sometimes, makes people feel empowered.”

When asked about his speech specifically, she admitted she wasn’t even sure about his policies, but noted that people had cited Trump in justifying their racist, sexist or homophobic comments.

Trump’s lawyer, Susan Nicholls, then asked whether this prospective juror, an acknowledged survivor of sexual assault, would hold against Trump that women — outside of this case — have accused Trump of sexual assault.

Another potential juror was excused after expressing “concern” about the trial

Kayla Guilfoyle And Laura Garrett

Another juror was excused from trial after she said she felt “anxious” and doubted herself. The potential juror’s voice cracked as she answered questions.

The juror now became the third to be dismissed on Friday, highlighting the difficulty the court faces in selecting a jury for Trump.

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