5 Editor-loved Travel Purses From Lo & Sons

Packing for any trip is a multi-step process of narrowing down exactly what you’ll need to be more prepared for any adventure. Of course, appropriate clothing and shoes may be the first thing that comes to mind, but choose Best travel wallet Because functionality is also key to setting you up for a stress-free (and stylish) vacation. As a portfolio expert, I was thrilled when… Travel + entertainment The team was recently given the opportunity to place it Lou and his sons A high-quality collection of travel-ready bags to test—and my fellow writers and editors felt the same after taking the thoughtful, luxurious bags out into the real world.

Tested from the streets of New York to Boston and Los Angeles, Lo & Sons travel bags are proven to provide next-level organization and space for every trip you may have on the horizon. So, keep reading to find our team’s favorite styles, so you can make the best choice for your itinerary.

Pearl crossbody bag

Lord and children

“My handbag collection is my pride and joy, and while I firmly believe you can never have too much of it, I’ve also found that since testing out this spacious and versatile bag, I’ve started reaching for my other pieces much less. To a new black bag to replace the one I’ve been using since college, the roomy compartments and adjustable straps of this bag slide easily into my kit—so easily, in fact, that I’ve received compliments from almost every friend because I’ve worn it.

Aside from one large main compartment secured with three snaps, this bag also features two additional zippered pockets providing all the security I look for in any bag I travel with. I’m also able to fit my basic necessities (phone, wallet, keys), along with a book, notebook, and glasses case, with room to spare during busy days in New York City.

I’ve been wearing this wallet as a shoulder bag but was impressed to find that it is not only adjustable to fit across the body (which is perfect for maximum security while traveling), but it also comes with an additional looped strap that turns this bag into a shoulder bag. A practical bracelet for sophisticated dinners and nights out. And while my biggest problem with other wallets is that my keys often get lost in the depths of pockets, the ergonomic key leash has completely taken that issue into account. All this to say, this is the perfect wallet for every occasion, day or night – and it’s absolutely gorgeous! –Meryl Redman, senior business writer

Travel and leisure / Meryl Redman

Bond crossbody bag

Lou and his sons

“I’ve had my eye on this stunning leather bag for some time, and was thrilled when I had the chance to test it out. The practical design of the bag, with plenty of pockets and a roomy main compartment, makes it roomy enough to hold everyday essentials, whether you’re traveling on a flight Whether I’m flying, exploring a new city, heading to a date, or hiking (I don’t like exposing high-quality sheepskin to the elements, but if you have the instant-clean polyester version, you definitely don’t have to worry about it getting dirty).

But what I really like is the length of the strap. I’m broke, and I find that the strap of each bag isn’t long enough to fall comfortably across my chest – which has made me hesitant to follow the bag trend. However, the 29.5-inch Bond stretches to 40.25, giving me plenty of room to wear it cross-body without feeling tight. But they are so soft and smooth to the touch that I love holding them.

And unlike other belt bags I’ve tried, this one actually looks like a wallet with a premium leather exterior — not a fanny pack. This means I can easily wear it for casual outings and even dress it up for more elegant occasions. –Emily Belfiore, Trade Editor

Travel and leisure / Meryl Redman

Waverly 2 Crossbody Convertible

Lou and his sons

“After testing this genius 4-in-1 convertible bag in my home in Boston, I can honestly say that I have never tried a travel bag so versatile. Thanks to its adjustable strap, it can be worn four ways: as a crossbody, belt bag, shoulder bag, or Wristlet/Handbag – Which means I can style my look depending on what’s on my itinerary While running errands or walking around town, I liked the more casual styles of clutches and belt bags, while on a dinner night out I liked the more dressy and structured wrist and shoulder styles To review the photos I saw on the website, I also tried running the belt through my belt loops as an actual belt – that was a first for me style-wise, but I liked the security, so I’ll do it again.

At 5.6″ x 8″ x 2″, it’s large enough to hold your essentials — wallet, keys, phone, AirPods, and Chapstick — but still small enough to look inconspicuous (and loud) for a night out and not be cumbersome. It’s light at 0.6 pounds so it feels natural but is still safe when with me. My only note is that travelers who will be out all day and need to grab snacks and a change of clothes might want a larger bag with more storage space, but I’ve found this to be perfect for short trips.

I loved the thoughtful features like the smart back pocket for a card (like on a Metrocard, or in my case, a Charlie Card) – I wish I’d known there was a bag with a feature like this earlier, because it was so convenient to get out quickly and easily when I enter a station Subway. It also has a zipper for added security and has several carefully placed interior pockets for cards. Finally, the leather makes this bag look very stylish – and as someone who leans towards function rather than style, I’m thrilled to find the rare bag that truly does both. It will definitely be on all my trips this summer. –Kayla Baker, Senior Business Editor

Travel and leisure / Meryl Redman

Nouvelle Crossbody

Lord and children

“I have a few different handbags that I switch between, but ever since I got the Nouvelle Crossbody, it’s been the only bag I’ve wanted to wear. It’s the perfect size — not too big, not too small — and can hold all my personal belongings on a daily basis (polished Lipstick, wallet, keys, phone, etc.) with extra space not to mention it has very convenient interior pockets in which I can store extra cash, cards and other belongings I want to access quickly.

I also like how the bag itself feels a bit padded, so I use it as a protective bag when I travel or hike with my camera. As a surprising bonus, the straps are also padded, making it very comfortable to carry all day long. As for the material, I’m personally a fan of its nylon construction which allows for easy cleaning if it gets stained. Overall, it’s an excellent bag.” -Ali Domrongchai, business writer

Travel and leisure / Meryl Redman

Aoyama wallet

Lou and his sons

“I’ve been on the crescent-shaped bag train for a while since the design allows me room to carry more than hip belts, and I was excited to add an ivory version to my travel collection for spring and summer. Compared to my current bags, this Lo & Sons bag is one of the most The breadth and variety that I have experienced.

For starters, they’re actually multiple bags in one, giving you more bang for your buck when you pay a higher price for the luxury model. The adjustable strap turns this wallet into a crossbody bag, shoulder bag and even a cute handbag – just loosen the strap and fasten the two external clasps together. This feature helps it easily transition from day to night during the flight.

At 15 inches long and 11.4 inches high, this thing is roomy; I called it my Mary Poppins bag. On a weekend outing, I can pack all my necessities—phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses case, tissues, lipstick, baseball cap, lightweight jacket—inside without it feeling too bulky or heavy. With interior pockets and a key leash, staying organized on the go is super easy.

The bag is very comfortable to carry, even when full, and is extremely lightweight at less than a pound. It’s the perfect travel bag, as it can also fold flat into my carry-on bag, if I’m carrying my laptop backpack as a personal item on a flight.

This is amazing. Made from the softest leather (with an easy-to-clean polyester interior), the slouchy design is super cool, comes with a wide sporty canvas belt, and has a large external zippered pocket which gives me speed and convenience. Access to my essentials. It has quickly become a staple in my wardrobe and I can’t wait to travel with it this summer.” –Susan Brickell, T+L Trade News Director

Meryl Redman

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