Don’t blame animal services | News, Sports, Jobs

Don’t blame animal services | News, Sports, Jobs

We have come to fear spring.

Yes, we like ideal temperatures – not too hot, not too cold.

We are enjoying the breeze on the balcony.

But every year, when the weather turns perfect in Southwest Florida — warm sunny days and cool nights — we get the constant notice: “Cat season is in full swing.”

For those of us who consider the four-legged members of the fur family, this buzz kills worse than the start of mosquito season.

Every spring, shelters like the Lee County Domestic Animal Services Center are filled with guests who might be called frightened and confused recruits. Many of them are kittens and kittens and it is harder for shelters and rescues to find homes for them than it is for dogs and puppies.

Every year the numbers are higher.

Very high for any pet lover.

What happens to these animals?

According to Lee County Local Animal Services, most of them have what could be called a positive result. The owners are demanding a handful of them. Some are brought to the agency as neutered strays who are released, treated and returned to their colony site. Many of them are transferred to different rescues. Some are certified in their “Forever” Home, which is the best case scenario.

For the rest of the trip to the shelter is a death sentence.

For those who are bothered by so-called euthanasia, let us stress that this is not an issue with pet services.

We will quote again from Pogo:

“We have met the enemy and he is ours.”

Those of us who don’t bribe or castrate.

Those of us who think it’s okay for pets to roam free.

Those of us who purchase a purebred or modern crossbreed only to discover that we should have done some research before paying too much for a companion with traits that require a lot of training or expensive care.

But back to “cat season” AKA breeding season.

Every year, Lee County Domestic Animal Services, along with other shelters like the Cape Coral Animal Shelter, sees a significant increase in the number of cats and kittens.

Sometimes in mother dogs and fresh litter of puppies.

We all love our little balls of fur but allowing pets to have litters is the reason – the main reason – for the number of cats, kittens, dogs and puppies in shelters, rescues, adoptions and more.

The best solution is still prevention, spaying or neutering pets, and if you have the desire to add a new family member of the four-legged kind, adopt one from a shelter that really needs a home.

Local Lee County Animal Services websites list a number of low-cost clinics in leegov.com.

Cape Coral Animal Shelter also offers low-cost veterinary services, including spaying and neutering.

A list of services provided, including a cost schedule, can be viewed on the website capecoralanimalshelter.com.

Each site also contains a wealth of “Adopters” Young and old alike.

sterilization. neutral. Trust, don’t shop.

It is the solution to what happened to us

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