Google 3D animals list: Lions, tigers, dinos and more!

At the 2019 I/O conference, Google announced That augmented reality objects will be added to the search. Over the years sinceGoogle has added a bunch of 3D animals and objects that you can view in Google Search using augmented reality — and here’s the full list that we’re constantly updating.

How to find 3D animals on Google

Google AR objects are very easy to access in search. Objects are added for research believing that the easiest way to recognize something is to see it. By seeing objects in augmented reality (AR), users can see the size of the object as well as details that they might not notice from just a simple photo.

Google tends to place its 3D animals and other augmented reality objects in different places depending on the topic at hand. For example, searching for “tiger” will bring up the Google Search dashboard. These paintings are often shown of films, celebrities, and other subjects. If you Google a 3D animal, you’ll see an overview of what the animal is, some pictures or a section that says “Meet a life-sized tiger up close” and a “View 3D” button. This button launches the augmented reality experience.

In other cases, you may have to scroll down the page to find the 3D model.

Google 3D Animals View tiger in your 3D space

What you need to “display augmented reality objects in your space” on Google

Google 3D animals are different on each device. Normally, you may not see AR or 3D objects on your desktop or laptop computer. Instead, you’ll need a supported smartphone to view these objects using Google’s “View in Space” option.

The good news? Most modern smartphones He supported! To view AR objects in Google Search, you’ll need:

  • Android smartphone or tablet: Android 7.0 or higher with Google Play Store pre-installed
  • iPhone/iPad: iOS 11.0 or higher

This includes the most popular smartphones including Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Motorola and other brands. As for Apple devices, almost all iPhones and iPads are supported.

How do you access the “View in Space” option? After you tap View 3D, any supported device will show a View in Your Space button below the 3D animal. This can be seen below.

It is worth noting that you can change the size of the animal from its normal size by clicking on it. Slowly, it will decrease in size to better fit your setup.

If you’re not sure if 3D animals and other AR objects in Google Search will work, just try it!

Google originally offered about 100 or so 3D animals via search, but this list has been significantly reduced as of 2024.

Currently supported 3D animals include:

This is a significant decrease from what was previously supported.

3D animals removed from Google

Google reached its peak in 2021, when there were over 100 animals including more cat and dog breeds. Animals removed from research include those listed below.

3D animals removed from the search include:

Also supported by Google natively far More dog breeds. All of the following have been removed from the search.

At one point, Google also supported displaying 3D models of various dinosaurs, but they have also been removed from search entirely since then.

Google search for 3D dinosaurs

Google has also supported dozens of different bugs, but now only supports a few. Bugs that were previously supported but have since been discontinued include:

Google has also removed most of the 3D objects and models

Previously, research included not only animals and insects. Google had 3D models of quite a few locations, NASA objects, planets, and moons, as well as landmarks from all over the world. Almost all of these have been removed.

Objects that were previously supported but were subsequently removed include:

Sites and landmarks

Some other 3D models that Google removed from search include some Halloween models, a pair of New Balance shoes (which are outdated at this point anyway), and a huge list of cars. Google Announced in 2020 It will offer more than 250 different models of cars and trucks that can be viewed in the search through 3D models, but they have been removed. The car models were also unique, as they used streaming to render a high-quality 3D image of the car.

Cars and trucks

Google has also removed a large collection of 3D models of Japanese characters from search.

However, there are still two supports:

In 2020, Google announced Expanding its 3D models to include educational content about human anatomical systems, cell parts, and more. Fortunately, many of these models are still supported, as they are among the most useful 3D models supported by Google. These experiences were built in collaboration with Biodigital And Visual body.

Human anatomical systems

Google 3D skeleton

Parts of the cell

Google 3D animal cell

Chemistry models

Some of these examples are not quite as obvious as 3D animals, where 3D models appear at the bottom of search results alongside the websites that support them. And from time to time too, it won’t show up. Planets, for example, appear more reliably when the word “in depth” is added to the search query.

However, Google has removed a selection of 3D models of human body parts. Models that were previously supported but have since been removed include the following.

It’s still unclear why Google removed so many 3D objects, animals, and augmented reality from search, especially since these objects have proven to be a lifeline for parents. During lockdowns due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). It is still useful for education.

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