This Is The Incredible Food Available At The Miami Grand Prix

The 2024 Miami Grand Prix offered an impressive array of dining options from Miami’s vibrant culinary scene. New concepts and returning favorites filled out the event’s diverse culinary lineup, with a mix of community partnerships and celebrated guest chefs.

Main sockets

  • The upcoming Miami Grand Prix will showcase a mix of local business partnerships and top chefs, highlighting Miami’s diverse food culture.
  • Guests can look forward to unique, signature dishes like baked stone crab dip and Venezuelan arepas, curated by Executive Chef Jonathan Kwan.
  • The event will feature iconic Miami restaurants and innovative concepts, including Havana 1957 and Cheeseburger Baby.

The Miami Grand Prix, which takes place this weekend from May 3-5, isn’t just about high-speed racing; It’s also a celebration of Miami’s eclectic food culture. With the event’s return to the Miami International Autodrome, the stage is set for an enhanced fan experience with a dynamic lineup of food offerings from community business partners and celebrity guest chefs.

said Sal Ferullo, Executive Vice President at Sodexo Live!

“We look forward to raising the profile of this world-class event with our new hospitality offerings for 2024, combining international glamor with the vibrancy of Miami’s food scene, for visiting fans from around the world.

“Now, in our third year of the event, we have improved the guest experience based on the success of previous years, and we are excited to welcome racing fans from all over the world to experience what is new!”

Leading the culinary mission in the premium spaces is Sodexo Live! Executive Chef Jonathan Cowan, who has created an attractive menu. Highlights this weekend include baked stone crab dip, fried mac and cheese, a taco bar brunch special in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, and Venezuelan arepas, which are expected to be a fan favorite.

The festival atmosphere is enriched with the participation of guest chefs who will bring their unique culinary styles to the fore. Distinguished chefs, including Jose Mendin of Casa Isola, Cesar Zapata of Foc Yes, and Michael Schwartz of Amara in Paraíso, are set to showcase their specialties, elevating the dining experience to match the excitement of the racing.

Furthermore, the culinary offerings at the event extend beyond distinct areas. Fans exploring the campus will encounter a variety of options. Local beers and snacks from Cerveceria La Tropical will be available on Crypto.com’s terrace, and the West Food Hall will be dominated by Miami’s Julia & Henry’s, featuring culinary delights from acclaimed chefs like Michelle Bernstein and Carla Hoyos.

Returning favorites such as Chef Michele Bernstein’s Sweet Liberty, Harry’s Pizzeria, and Tacotomia will once again be available in the West Food Court, ensuring repeat visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the beloved cuisine. The Piper Heidsieck Champagne Garden, now located in The Fountains, provides a prime spot to watch the Podium ceremony, along with Ella’s Oysters.

The Miami Grand Prix continues its tradition of promoting local minority-owned businesses, with this year’s participants including Drinks on Me 305, Food Junkies, and La Vela Coffee, adding to the authenticity and local diversity of the festival.

With such a rich and varied offering, the Miami Grand Prix weekend is set to be as much a feast of taste as it is a spectacle of speed.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the culinary delights available at this weekend’s race weekend, along with their locations around Miami International Circuit:

Distinctive spaces

  • Baked crab dip, fried cheese, Venezuelan arepas, and a special Cinco de Mayo taco bar lunch. – Sponsored by Sodexo Live! Executive Chef, Jonathan Cowan, is available in several premium hospitality areas.

Guest Chef Specialties

  • Italian osteria dishes prepared by Chef Jose Mendin – Casa Isola, located in selected privileged areas.
  • Modern Vietnamese fare by Chef Cesar Zapata – Phuc Yes, appears in premium food sections.
  • Upscale Latin cuisine by Chef Michael Schwartz – Paraiso building is available in distinct spaces.
  • Florida brasserie options by Chef Brad Kilgore – MaryGold’s, served at select premium locations.
  • Authentic Mexican dishes from Chef Carla Hoyos – Tacotomia is also in distinct areas.

Local and artisanal offerings

  • Local craft beer and snacks – Cerveceria La Tropical restaurant located on the terrace of Crypto.com.
  • Various Miami restaurants – is featured in the beach food hall with concepts such as Havana 1957, Cortadito Coffee House, Cafe Americano, and Oh! Mexico and Parsico.
  • Julia and Henry Dining Hall – The Western Dining Hall, serving dishes from chefs such as Michel Bernstein and José Mendin.

Return favorites

  • Bar and restaurant concepts by Chef Michel Bernstein – Sweet Liberty, located in MIA Marina and Yacht Club.
  • Harry’s Pizzeria, Tacotomiya, and Popelli Sushi – Available for the third year in the West Dining Hall.
  • Argentinian grill and pizza – Ossobucco’s Argentinian Grill and Oro Pizza, located in the North Food Garage.
  • Champagne and seafood – Piper Heidsieck’s Champagne Garden showcasing Ella’s oysters, now located at The Fountains, is a prime spot during the catwalk ceremony.

Local minority-owned businesses

  • Drinks at 305
  • Food addicts
  • Solfly
  • La Villa Coffee
  • Italian MP
  • Reggae beets
  • Flava house
  • Crazy conch
  • Lovely healthy cafe
  • Best french fries

These local, minority-owned businesses can be found all over campus, providing a true taste of Miami’s diverse food scene.

Additional local partners

  • Cheeseburger baby
  • Oceana Coffee
  • Editor’s Pizza
  • Dos Croquetas
  • Bodega
  • Sushi maki
  • November
  • Sovichi
  • Omacai
  • Foucault
  • Sando
  • Bluma Chicken Company
  • Technology
  • This is Amore Pizza
  • Obi and Ramsa 21+ Ice Cream
  • Angie the Epicurean
  • La dolce vita
  • Casa Toa
  • Main food group
  • Groot hospitality

These partners are spread around different dining halls and areas throughout the campus, ensuring a diverse and wide-ranging culinary experience.

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