Contact your local animal control officer if you lose a pet or find one

Families use all measures to find lost or lost pets. Placing posters around the community is one way to get help locating their dog, cat or other family pet. Contacting your local animal control office is another frequently used method.

Photos of lost or missing dogs, cats, and other animals are constantly posted on the site New Bedford Police Animal Control Facebook Pages.

Some will be reported to be found, whether they return home on their own or are dropped off at the new animal control headquarters at 890 Brock Ave. To be reunited with their owners. Sadly, some are lost forever.

New Bedford Animal Control Director Emanuel “Manny” Maciel and two other animal control officers are on duty seven days a week and recording all calls regarding missing dogs, cats and other pets, including the owner’s contact information, the time they disappeared and their whereabouts. is found. This allows officers to match descriptions of lost pets with those of found ones and help reunite them with their owners.

Emanuel Maciel, animal control director, carries a bearded dragon on his shoulder as he pets the parrot at the animal control office on Brook Street in New Bedford.  Both are rescued animals.  (Photo credit: Peter Pereira/The Standard Times)

While the state requires all lost pets to be held for seven days, New Bedford Animal Control holds lost pets for 10 days. Proof of rabies vaccination must be provided before pets are surrendered to their owners.

Maciel recommends that pet owners place microchips on their pets to make it easier to identify the rightful owner. It is illegal to keep someone else’s pets because they are considered property.

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Report lost pets in New Bedford

Pet owners can fill out a Found Animal Form or a Lost Pet Form on the New Bedford Animal Control page on the website The new location of the Bedford Police Department.

Emmanuel Maciel, animal control director, walks with a rescued bearded dragon at the Animal Congrol office on Brook Street in New Bedford.

Owners of lost pets also have the option to upload photos of their animals to Finding Rover, an app linked to an animal control page that uses facial recognition technology to scan missing dogs and match them with their owners.

If animal control picks up a dog, officers upload the photo to the Finding Rover database.

Forever Paws Animal Shelter in Fall River

New Bedford and Fall River contract with Forever Animal Shelter in Fall River to house and care for all stray animals in those areas as well as animals surrendered by their owners.

the Observe autumn river animals The Facebook page also posts photos of found pets and refers people who recognize the posted animals to contact Forever Paws at 508-677-9154.

According to her Facebook page. Paws foreverThe mission is to give animals the gift of time through managed intake and allow them to provide comprehensive treatment and care to stray, abused or abandoned animals.

Forever Paws operates under no-kill practices, providing care for all treatable conditions with no length of stay restrictions, and is dedicated to educating future generations to promote compassionate and humane attitudes toward all types of animals.

The nonprofit relies on donations, fundraising, dedicated donors and supporters and is open by appointment only.

Officer Brandon George pets a dog that had just been dropped off at the animal control office on Brook Street in New Bedford, by an owner who was no longer able to care for him after he became ill.  The dog will now be taken to an animal shelter in hopes of finding a new home.

Lost your pet in Acushnet?

At Acushnet, an animal control officer responds to all dog and animal complaints and arranges for lost dogs to be transported to them Lakeville Animal Shelter.

Lakeville Animal Control Officers can only accept stray dogs from an Acushnet Animal Control Officer available at 508-998-9040.

Have you lost your pet in Dartmouth?

In Dartmouth, the city has a shelter contract with… Humane Society and South Coast Shelter Located at 31 Ventura Dr. At Dartmouth.

Animals picked up by animal control are brought to the Humane Society and given food and shelter until the owner is located. If an owner is not found, the animal is evaluated and put up for adoption after the required holding period.

The office has an answering machine that is checked frequently during business hours. Callers are asked to leave a clear message and phone number as no one is in the office.

Lost your pet in Fairhaven?

the Animal Control in Fairhaven Officer working outside Fairhaven Animal Shelter at 200 Bridge St in Fairhaven and can be reached at 508-979-4028 and via email at aco@fairhaven-ma.gov.

Fairhaven Animal Control and Shelter also has an administrator Facebook page.

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