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The Hawaii Tourism Authority has launched new targeted campaigns as part of its global marketing and visitor education efforts, to stimulate responsible demand for travel from key markets around the world to the Hawaiian Islands.

“We are more assertive in our messaging strategy with inspiring campaigns that highlight Hawaii’s people, culture and experiences unlike anywhere else in the world,” said Movi Hanneman, Chairman of the HTA Board of Directors. “We need to ensure that the Hawaiian Islands remain top of mind for travelers amid a competitive global market, especially as we head into summer and fall.”

“The people. The place. The Hawaiian Islands.” It raises the profile of musicians, lei makers, chefs, farmers, culturalists, fashion designers and others in their sectors that depend on Hawaii’s vibrant visitor industry. Individuals to be featured in the campaign over the coming months include Chef Kyle Kawakami of Maui Fresh Streatery; Miliana Estes, creative director and author of Lei Aloha; Keenani Kahaunaele, musician and teacher; With others to follow.

“The people. The place. The Hawaiian Islands.” It’s aimed at Hawaii’s target traveler, which is defined as those who are environmentally conscious, aware of safety precautions, interested in learning about the culture of the places they visit, and want to protect the islands’ natural resources. The campaign will be rolled out in the continental United States first through an integrated marketing effort leveraging earned, digital, social media and travel trade education.

While this campaign will focus more on supporting Maui, it will also draw on each of the island’s brands and will be used by Hawaii Tourism Authority’s global marketing teams in their respective markets and Hawaii partners around the world.

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“The people. The place. The Hawaiian Islands.” It will go on sale in mid-May.

In Japan, “Beautiful Hawaii” and “Yappari Hawai‘i” (“Hawaii Must Be”) campaigns are already underway with an integrated mix of digital and TV advertising, social media, earned media, partnerships and business education. To pay reservations.

“Beautiful Hawaii” showcases key characteristics and experiences within the Hawaiian Islands to inspire visitors from Japan to return, emphasizing the idea that “travel can make the world beautiful.”

“Yappari Hawai’i (It’s Gotta be Hawai’i)” has generated more than 61 million impressions to date, including taxi and bus signs, social media and digital signage on Yahoo! Japan and Google. In addition, HTJ got participation from 22 industry partners with special offers as part of the campaign.

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“The redevelopment of our high-spending international markets, including Japan, is key to balancing our visitor mix across the state,” said Daniel Nahoobi, interim president and CEO of HTA. “The campaigns promote regenerative tourism by encouraging visitors to support our local businesses and enjoy a range of accessible experiences while strengthening the Hawaiian Islands brand and travelers’ perceptions of Hawaii. These campaigns are based on Malama’s visitor education concept – Caring for Hawaii – which remains at the core Our efforts.

According to industry benchmark research conducted by SMARInsights and commissioned by HTA, every dollar spent on paid strategic placement for campaigns in the US and Japan in 2023 resulted in $399 in visitor spending and $31 in state tax collections.

The new campaigns are developed and rolled out under HTA’s management through its global marketing teams: Hawaiʻi Tourism United States and Hawaiʻi Tourism Japan.

The new campaigns represent an evolution in educational messaging to visitors that focuses on sharing the stories, cultures and customs of the Hawaiian people. In 2019 with “Hawai‘i Rooted,” HTA and its global marketing teams educated visitors before they arrived, while the “Kuleana” travel advice video series educated in-island travelers on how to visit safely and responsibly.

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In 2021, in the wake of the global pandemic, Malama Hawaii was launched to inspire visitors to participate in caring for the islands and community.

In the wake of the August 2023 wildfires on Maui, Malama Maui encouraged travelers to return with respect and compassion. For tourism to better support post-bushfire recovery, “Mākaukau Maui” was launched to support residents who were ready to return to work by reassuring visitors that Maui is ready to welcome visitors.

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