Helen Woodward Animal Center seeks help from foster families for record number of orphan pups

The NFL Draft is one of the most joyous times of the year, but a record number of orphaned pups have been left on the bench, yearning for some playing time. Helen Woodward Animal Center has a roster full of puppies, due to multiple cries for help from partner organizations across the country. In an effort to save the lives of as many furry rookies as possible, the Woodward Center hopes to recruit these ballplayers into foster families for temporary residence. The Helen Woodward Animal Center is throwing a Hail Mary, hoping loving San Diego families will come home with a life-saving drop, according to a news release.

The Helen Woodward Animal Center is seeking some teamwork from San Diego animal lovers to help rescue orphaned puppies.

The Helen Woodward Animal Center is seeking some teamwork from San Diego animal lovers to help rescue orphaned puppies.

(Courtesy of Helen Woodward Animal Center)

And in what is becoming a tragic trend for 2024, adoptions are at all-time lows from coast to coast. Puppies who could have been first-round picks spend weeks in free agency searching for their forever teams. Helen Woodward Animal Center has more than 70 puppies available, with more waiting with foster families at the Woodward Center, and even more coming in desperate need of a temporary foster home.

The Helen Woodward Animal Center is making an urgent call for the life-saving teamwork that comes with being a rescue sponsor. Fostering is the #1 way to save lives and the primary way orphaned pets are able to leave high-kill sites. The Woodward Center is currently seeking urgent placement for 30 puppies to be pulled from an area at risk of euthanasia.

“We work with dozens of rescue partners across the country,” Director of Adoption Services Kendall Schulz said in the news release. “It gives us great pleasure to reach out to overburdened shelters and save the lives of animals that would otherwise be euthanized if they have nowhere to go. Unfortunately, we are running out of space, and are having to turn away rescue partners.”

Helen Woodward Animal Center makes care easy and provides all the necessary supplies and training, meaning foster families are primarily responsible for providing space and love.

Pack your own pup and help save the lives of dozens of puppies pulled from high-kill areas. Register at animalcenter.org/get-involved/volunteer/foster/.

View Woodward’s full selection of featured pets at animalcenter.org/adopt-a-pet/adoptable-dogs/ For more information, contact the adoption department at Helen Woodward Animal Center at: 858-756-4117, or visit www.animalcenter .org. — Helen Woodward Animal Center press release

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