Student-made fashion hits the runway at BHS fashion show — Berkeley High Jacket

Explosions of color, imagination and applause filled Ciel Creative Space in West Berkeley last Friday night as more than 50 models walked the runway at Berkeley High School’s sustainable fashion show. More than 400 students, families and friends were in attendance to watch the models show off their unique flair, wearing clothing designed by BHS student designers. The clothes were made from recycled clothing, salvaged items and new materials. From reworking complex traditional garments to designs that push the boundaries of fashion, the show was a showcase of self-expression and creativity.

The third annual fashion show not only highlighted creative, eco-friendly fashion, but also promoted sustainable practices and reduced the environmental footprint associated with so-called “fast fashion” – a cycle of purchasing new goods that contributes significantly to carbon emissions and other climate factors. -Related problems.

“We usually ask people to make their own things by recycling old clothes,” said Maya Widholm, a BHS senior who helped organize the fashion fair and designed some of the clothes. “They might cut off the sleeves or turn them into shorts, and other people use fabric from thrift stores and buy used fabric.”

Another designer and event organizer, Isabel Rodriguez Gerstein, also a senior, used donated fabric from a BHS teacher to create her clothing pieces. Besides the display, the student artists also sold their works.

The fashion show is a fundraiser for Remake, an organization whose mission is to end the mistreatment of garment workers. About 93% of fashion brands do not pay their garment workers enough to live a healthy life. Of the 74 million garment workers globally, 80% are women of color, and many are disproportionately affected by flooding and heat caused by climate change in the areas where they work.

Calliope Cameron, a new student at BHS who attended the fashion show, was very impressed with the designs. “I really enjoyed going to the BHS fashion show, and I went to photograph my photography class, and I wasn’t expecting that,” she said. It had a huge impact on me, but I was blown away by the creativity of the designers. Some of the costumes were amazing, and I definitely felt inspired to continue supporting frugal and local fashion.

This event was supported by the BHS Development Group, which aims to support and enhance the educational experiences of all BHS students.

Widholm and Rodriguez Gerstein also curated last year’s show, but neither of them planned to pursue a career in fashion. However, they say other students who participated have been inspired and plan to go to fashion school.

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