Airports May Be More Chaotic This Summer, According to U.S. Travel Association Analysis

In a recent development, Federal Aviation Administration The reauthorization bill faces potential disruptions with an amendment proposed by Senators Jeff Merkley and John Kennedy. The proposed amendment, if enacted, could significantly disrupt airport operations and impact travelers nationwide.

According to site analysis American Travel AssociationThe proposed amendment raised concerns about potential delays at TSA checkpoints. It is estimated that travelers may face an additional 120 million hours of wait time annually, impacting both TSA PreCheck and standard screening lanes.

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Furthermore, the proposal raises national security concerns by potentially hindering the use of facial recognition technology by the TSA for passengers who do not use PreCheck.

Eliminating the use of biometrics — such as facial scanning — would set America back decades.

“The proposed FAA reauthorization amendment is dangerous, expensive, and threatens to wreak havoc at America’s airports,” said Jeff Freeman, president and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association. “Eliminate the use of biometrics – such as facial scanning – “It will set America back decades, and only misguided members of Congress will be to blame.”

The Merkley/Kennedy Amendment seeks to impose a complete ban on the TSA’s use of facial recognition technology (FRT) until certain requirements are met, which could lead to significant disruptions as TSA employees would need to be retrained; Technology must be removed and redeployed; Screening lanes will require reconfiguration.

Furthermore, the proposal aims to restrict the use of FRT to untrusted travelers and halt the expansion of FRT matching technology to new airports until May 2027. It also places limits on the expansion and enrollment of the TSA PreCheck Touchless Identity Solution beyond existing customers and specific airports.

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Jeff Freeman stressed the potential ramifications of the proposed legislation. He praised the TSA for its efforts to innovate security technology and criticized Congress for potentially obstructing these developments.

Editor’s Note: This article was generated by artificial intelligence, based on a press release distributed by the U.S. Travel Association. It has been verified and reviewed by a TravelAge West editor.

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