Animal services sets Foster Fest | News, Sports, Jobs

Animal services sets Foster Fest | News, Sports, Jobs

Local Animal Services of Lee County will hold its first-ever event in hopes of better serving the animals in its care, while inviting community members to be their anchor until they find their forever home.

The Foster Festival takes place May 11, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at 5600 Banner Drive, where attendees will be able to interact with area rescues to learn about available foster opportunities.

Officials say this is a great way to help LCDAS and its rescue partners, as every foster means an opportunity to help a homeless pet in need.

“One thing we get asked frequently is ‘How can I help?’ by people who are not in a position to adopt or volunteer.” said Karen Frick of Lee County Local Animal Services. “Fostering is a great way for them to be involved without the permanent commitment of fostering. We have invited some of our rescues because they are in need too. Foster-based rescues can only help our shelter if they have fosters to help them. Any way we can Helping our rescue partners is a win-win for the community.

The Gulf Coast Humane Society, Cape Coral Animal Shelter, Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue, RAIN Rescue, SWFL German Shepherd Rescue, and the Humane Society of Naples will all be in attendance and visitors will be able to register to promote animal services or other organizations listed.

“CCAS is grateful to Lee County DAS for hosting this wonderful event to highlight the benefits of sponsorship.” said CCAS Executive Director Liz McCauley. “Fostering is one of the most important and rewarding volunteer opportunities we offer. Fostering saves more lives – it frees up space so we can take in more animals and save more lives. We pay for everything – you just give love! We hear all the time: “I can’t foster them because I’ll never give them up!” But once your first foster finds a loving forever home, and you see how happy they made that family, it’s easier next time.

Frick added that adoptions — especially during kitten season — are vital to animal services.

“It enables us to keep the kittens at home and reduce the risk of disease until they are ready for adoption.” She said. “We also have medical care for injured and sick cats/dogs, so they can recover at home instead of at the shelter.”

Euthanasia rates appear to be on the rise as well, which may be an incentive for community members to foster a pet. From January to March of this year, 524 animals were euthanized at LCDAS (not including animals that were requested). Compared to January-March of 2023, 267 animals were euthanized at LCDAS.

Freak said reinforcement “It’s an opportunity to give back, help our homeless pets, and see the reward when your foster child finds a forever home.”

It is also important for owners to spay and neuter their pets to help keep the number of stray animals and unwanted pets to a minimum.

LCDAS says spaying and neutering is important for the following reasons:

• Spaying and neutering is important for your pet’s health and longevity. Obviously, the average lifespan of spayed and neutered cats and dogs is longer than that of unsterilized cats and dogs.

• Curbing unwanted behaviors. Intact dogs are more susceptible to urine marking than neutered dogs.

• It reduces the number of homeless pets in area shelters and rescues.

For more information about becoming part of the LCDAS care family, email Fostering@leegov.com Or visit LeeLostPets.com. Find Lee County Local Animal Services social media on Facebook or Instagram @leeanimalservices.

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