Biden Appeals to North Carolina With Program to Replace Lead Pipes

On Thursday, President Biden traveled to North Carolina, a potential swing state in the fall elections, to bolster his efforts To replace toxic lead pipes As part of his administration’s program to expand and modernize the country’s road network, airports and other vital infrastructure.

During his stop in Wilmington, the president announced $3 billion in new spending drawn from the bipartisan infrastructure bill he pushed through Congress in 2021, one of the signature legislative accomplishments he hopes to use to show voters he can be effective despite From political polarization.

“Until the United States of America, whom God loves us, deals with this, how can we say we are a leading nation in the world?” he told a crowd of supporters at the Wilmington Convention Center. “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””

Mr. Biden has committed to replacing all lead pipes across the country within a decade. Lead exposure can affect brain development in children, damage the kidneys and interfere with the production of red blood cells that carry oxygen. The administration estimates that more than nine million homes, schools, day care centers and businesses still get water through lead pipes, especially in communities of marginalized people.

By choosing North Carolina to announce the third installment of his platform, Biden was reaching out to a state that had sided with the Democrats in only two of the past 14 presidential elections (1976 and 2008), but the Democrats We think it’s headed their way. Mr. Biden The state and its 15 electoral votes were lost by only 1.3 percent of votes cast in 2020, although he trails by six percentage points in the cumulative average of exit polls calculated by Political website FiveThirtyEight.com.

The Biden campaign has invested resources in North Carolina, opening 11 offices so far and paying for television ads in the state, while the president’s strategists said they had not detected much effort by the Trump team. Mr. Biden’s visit on Thursday was his third to the state this year, and Vice President Kamala Harris has visited four times.

The president came to Wilmington after a stop in Charlotte, where he met with families of the victims Four law enforcement officers were killed Monday And some of their colleagues who were injured. The meeting was held out of public view, and Biden did not make any public comments at the time out of respect for the families’ privacy, but he later praised them in his speech in Wilmington.

“Every time an officer puts on this armor and walks out the door, a family member wonders if they’re going to get that call. Are they going to come home?” He said. “The entire nation is praying for these families.”

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