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While anyone who actually watched last Saturday’s lunchtime draw in the Premier League could be forgiven for thinking Liverpool’s draw was… Not being able to beat West Ham Due to Liverpool’s inability to defend crosses into their own penalty area and their repeated insistence on firing shots off the woodwork, over and against the woodwork, Jurgen Klopp used his press conference this morning to set the record straight. As he took to his podium ahead of his side’s 15-goal thriller against Tottenham on Sunday, the outgoing Liverpool manager laid the blame for the devastating draw in east London squarely at the door of TNT Sports, which broadcast the match from an armchair and bar stool. Viewers in the United Kingdom.

The German likes nothing more than to complain about the fact that after midweek matches, his team is sometimes forced to play again at Saturday lunchtime at the behest of a television network that pays their employers and their Premier League rivals extremely large sums for the privilege. From broadcasting these matches It is a deal reached in full agreement with the Premier League clubs, including Liverpool, who will collectively pay £6.7 billion between them for the latest deal agreed with Sky and TNT, and – most importantly – Who vote to establish guidelines within which broadcasters operate when dividing matches for broadcast.

Despite the fact that he would never have to endure the horror of a Saturday lunchtime match again, Klopp lit the fuse, threw another stick of dynamite in the direction of TNT, and exploded in another one of his acts that nobody wanted. A rant on the players as he more or less blamed Linsey Hipgrave, Peter Crouch, Joe Cole and a variety of other people associated with the company for the fact that no English team had managed to get past the quarter-finals of the Euro Vase or Big Cup. “If no English team reached the European final, would we have underperformed?” Asked. “The Premier League is the best in the world but the players are exhausted. Someone needs to help people. I had a conversation with TNT – a TV channel I will never watch again! – and they said they pay us to play football but I don’t see it that way. “Football pays them. You have to become part of football again and not just push it. That’s some advice from an old man on the way out.”

Klopp has had numerous conversations with TNT, most notably during their previous incarnation as BT Sport in 2020. In a discussion with tacky touchline reporter Des Kelly after the disappointing draw at Brighton, Klopp blamed the network for his hamstring injury. By James Milner But he refused to listen to Kelly’s calm and quite precise insistence that any frustration he felt about Liverpool’s fixtures was being directed in the wrong people’s direction. For all its faults: the inflated subscription fees, the diabolical attitude towards fans watching matches, the insistence on employing bland pundits who are clearly biased against your team, TNT cannot realistically be held accountable for the fact of Liverpool’s exit from the Euros. Vase with whine this season. However, they bear full responsibility for the fact that only a few subscribers with more than reasonable money were able to see the poor submission from Klopp’s team.

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“Since February this year, I have been proud to have done so under a consultancy agreement between the NFFC and Referee Consultant Ltd. However, it is now clear that the existence and performance of these consultancy services has caused unintended friction between the NFFC and other participants,” to the extent that ‘More hindrance than help to the NFFC’ – Mark Clattenburg signed from his assistant role at Nottingham Forest after it emerged that chat exited the club on the tune of “VAR is a Luton fan” It rubs people the wrong way. In brighter news, Gladiators – with Clatts still showcasing the whistling skills with which he made his name – appear to be returning for another series on BBC1.

Mark Clattenburg on Gladiator duty (center). Photography: James Stack/BBC/© Hungry Bear Media Ltd

“In terms of winding up the litigation at Manchester United, CFO Cliff Batty may have been asked to do so at the end of the season, but interim CEO Patrick Stewart has certainly been encouraged to move forward boldly” – Declan Houghton.

I’m one of those lucky readers who have friends who I go to football with regularly. My friend will regal me with stories of German fans buying drinks after that night in Munich, or skipping school to see his beloved (sadly no longer with us) Nuneaton Borough play away in the FA Cup at the old show Firewall FC. My land. So, when you posted your gallery of images from FSC’s new book ‘At The Match’, I thought it would be something he would enjoy, especially since he has a big birthday coming up. After scrolling through it, there he and his family are staring back at me from a picture of Yorkshire v Jersey parishes. Thank you for saving me the trouble of thinking of something suitable to buy, I hope you don’t succeed in this blatant attempt to save the £40 by winning the precious Letter o’ the Day prize so I can spend more money to buy him a beer for the NCEL Premier Playoff final on the day Saturday! Even miners! -Chris Richardson.

Chris Richardson’s football buddy is in here somewhere. Photo: Paul Thompson

Thanks for the recommendation of the WSC photo book, it looks great and makes the perfect early Christmas gift for my stepdad who is an amateur photographer and a match-maker in his 70s. Excited by the prospect of winning one, I decided that I had to write about the possibility of Barry Glendenning being wandering around in the mailbag again – and if I could think of a nice pop/gag at Manchester United’s expense, that would increase my odds of getting a letter of the day , as this seems to work a lot. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to think of one on short notice, so I’m sending this as is, as a complete bloody cheek. To cover my bases, I just bought a copy to make sure my stepdad would get one anyway.” -Mark Reed.

Wrexham appears to be following in the footsteps of Dingwall whose population of 5,491 could fit comfortably into Ross County’s local club Victoria Park (capacity 6,541)” – Brian Fisher.

Send messages to the.boss@theguardian.com. Today’s winner of the When Saturday Comes’ At The Match photo book is… Chris Richardson. You can Buy a copy here If any of your friends appear in it…or buy it anyway because it’s awesome.

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