Sheriff Saves Tiny Animal From East Texas Flood

An evacuation order was issued for residents in parts of Trinity County, Texas, on Thursday, May 2, after heavy rains caused flash flooding.

The Trinity County Sheriff said residents in Deer running Subdivision and Doug Bell Road They were evacuated and rescue operations are still underway.

Video from Trinity County Sheriff’s Office shows Sheriff Woody Wallace rescuing a small animal from floodwaters.

“We’ve got a little guy floating there in the grass […] Well, good job for today […] “Does anyone want a little mouse?” He’s joking.

National Weather Service He said A flood watch was in effect until Friday evening as heavy rainfall caused flooding. Credit: Trinity County Sheriff via Storyful

Video text

You don’t have to stand in the water and try that, I’ve got something chirping right here beside me. You, you can’t, uh, not handle electricity. So we’re trying to get the power up. Now, let’s see if we can go out for a deer run and turn that power off at least until this process is over. So, please, if you know anyone out there, call them and tell them, please come back from the power, uh, breaker boxes and all that other stuff and we have something in here that’s squeaking. I’ll go here so we can find it. Something is about to sink in. Ah, here we go. We’ve got a little fellow out there floating on the grass. Good. Good job for today as a rat or whatever it is. Anyway, I hope you all have a great day. Uh, stay tuned for more updates and it looks like we have more The bad weather should get here around 1245. Storms are brewing so it looks like it’s going to get worse today. So you all need to be careful. Anyone who wants a little mouse. I’m sending it to you. Hello, my God. Okay. This is our messenger. Uh, kids. Okay, guys. We’re running now. Uh, trying to do a mandatory evacuation. If you’re here and you want to get out, you need to come out and meet us. We won’t be back after we leave the Deer Run subdivision. If you live here, your power will be out and we will be out until the water goes down, a lot of people get out. So if you want to come out, please come out on your porch and tell us you’re there. If you need to go out, contact the consignment company and give us your address. It seems to me that the water levels are still rising. I know it’s still rising by the river. This is off White Rock Creek. So I hope the water doesn’t get any worse here. We’ll try to keep going, we’ll try to keep you updated as the day goes on. I will be careful and take care.

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