St. Peter’s Boys High School zoology club gets support for its animal program

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – In partnership with the Staten Island Zoo, the Bruce G. Geary Foundation presented a check for $1,000 to the St. Peter’s Boys High School Zoology Club on Thursday, May 2, to support their animal program.

The check was presented to St. Peter’s President John Fodera, Principal Michael Cosentino, science teacher Robert Colt, and student members of the Zoology Club.

Funding from the Bruce G. Geary Foundation will support the Zoology Club’s efforts to raise awareness about wildlife conservation, obtain educational materials for students, and provide daily care for the many small wildlife species on display in New Brighton School’s biology class.

Species in the classroom include the bearded dragon, corn snake, ball python and tree frog.

The Staten Island Zoo served as a consultant to the Zoology Club regarding animal care and display requirements for each species, and also designed and printed informational graphics for each animal in the classroom.

St. Peter’s High School students Raymond Pizzoli and Ken Mitchell spot a bearded dragon. (Courtesy/Tiffany View)

“The Staten Island Zoo is pleased to partner with the Geary Foundation to support the work of the St. Peter Zoology Club,” noted Ken Mitchell, Zoo Executive Director. “The Zoo has a long working relationship with the Zoology Club, and many of the students are active docents here at the Zoo.” .

“Students work with our Education Department to introduce ‘Ambassador Animals’ at various stations around the Zoo. They give our visitors an up-close look at the animals and raise public awareness about wildlife conservation. We are all impressed by how knowledgeable these students are about animals and zoology. So it was Our team at the zoo are happy to help students learn about the school’s animal habitats and information graphics.

Bruce G. Geary Foundation President Raymond S. Pizzoli, said the Geary Foundation is thrilled to support the St. Peter’s Zoology Club.

“These students are clearly committed to learning about wildlife and sharing their knowledge with others. When they toured their animal collection in the classroom, each student gave us careful details and background on the snakes, lizards, frogs and other animals in their care. Their enthusiasm and commitment is extraordinary.” We hope that our partnership with the Zoology Club will help provide hands-on experience for students who may one day be interested in veterinary science, conservation management, and environmental studies as careers.

The Foundation and the Zoo believe this support will help enable students to embrace their roles as stewards of their wildlife collection. The school reports that student participation in the Zoology Club has increased in popularity since it began these efforts. The Privatye Foundation was created to support animal welfare groups.

For additional information, contact Tiffany Few, Director of External Affairs, at tfeo@statenislandzoo.org.

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