Star Wars Brings Back A Legends Force Cult, Rewriting Intergalactic History


  • Tales of the Empire rewrites Star Wars history, presenting the Mountain Clan as rivals to the Night Sisters of Dathomir.
  • The Mountain Clan, a light side group, uses force for defense, unlike the Nightsisters, which focuses on attack.
  • The series hints at a complicated relationship between the Mountain Clan and the Nightsisters, with possible hostility.

This article contains spoilers for Star Wars: Tales of the Empire.Star Wars: Tales of the Empire It brought back the cult of Legends Force, and subtly rewrote galactic history thereafter Ahsoka. It was released as part of Lucasfilm Star Wars Day 2024 celebrations, Empire tales is a six-episode series of animated shorts exploring the dark times of the Empire. Three episodes focus on Nightsister Morgan Elsbeth, and three episodes on former Jedi Barriss Offee, who betrayed the Order during the Clone Wars.

Morgan’s story is a tragic one, beginning with the Nightsister Purge conducted by General Grievous near the end of the Clone Wars; Darth Sidious feared the Nightsister leader Mother Talzin was a potential rival, and wanted to kill her and annihilate her forces. but Empire tales He quickly moves on from this tragedy, revealing that Morgan has been captured by a rival faction of the Datomiri, the Mountain Clan. It seems The Sisters of the Night aren’t the only inhabitants of Dathomir after all.


Star Wars: Tales of the Empire Episode Guide

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The Mountain Clan comes from Star Wars mythology

Light rivals to the Nightsisters

Star Wars The Courtship of Princess Leia cover

A wild, untamed planet steeped in the dark side of the Force, Dathomir was created by author Dave Wolverton in 1994 when he wrote the novel. Courting Princess Leia. Submit this Night Sisters of Dathomir, a group of sorcerers whose power terrified even the Empire. But they were not the only inhabitants of Dathomir; the star Wars The heroes have formed an alliance with their rivals, the light side group known as the Mountain Clan, or sometimes the Singing Mountain Clan.

Courting Princess Leia It is now considered illegal, but remains very influential and has recently been reprinted. George Lucas loved the idea of ​​the Night Sisters, so he attracted them to it Star Wars: The Clone Wars And reinterpreting it for a new medium. The Mountain Clan has been mentioned several times in canon before now, however Empire tales It represents the first time the collection has been explored in detail.

Who are the Mountain Clan?

The Sisters of the Night are associated with the dark side of the Force, but the Mountain Clan serves the light. In Legends, their number is relatively small – 25 or 30 compared to the hundreds of Nightsisters – because the Dathomiri do not truly understand the nature of the Force, and therefore are not wary enough of the Dark Side. Empire tales It seems to show the Mountain Clan in a stronger and more confident position, perhaps indicating that they are more numerous.

Like the Nightsisters, the Mountain Clan is a matriarchal civilization that uses magic and incantation to attain power. Where the night sisters wear red and black, The Mountain Clan wears beautiful white robes that symbolically represent their emphasis on purity. Despite their strength in the Force, the Mountain Clan only uses it for defense, not for attack—perhaps indicative of a more advanced Force philosophy than the Legends.

Mother is willing to receive Lily’s sister after the purification, despite her obvious dissatisfaction with Morgan’s influence

There are subtle hints that the Mountain Clan and the Nightsisters have a hostile relationship. The Umm al-Jabal clan certainly believed that their home was impregnable, and there was no reason for them to reside in such a hostile environment if they did not protect themselves from enemies. However, Mother is willing to receive Night’s Sister after the purification, even though she clearly resents Morgan’s influence.


Tales of the Empire brings back the villain Ahsoka in Star Wars Rebels

The new Tales of the Empire animated series recasts one of Ahsoka’s main villains for Star Wars Rebels, revealing the origins and explaining major plot holes.

The Nightsister’s history has been rewritten in Star Wars canon

Ahsoka changed everything

In legends, the Mountain Clan had ties to rogue Jedi. In canon, the history of the Dathomiri is much more interesting; Ahsoka He saw its heroes and villains travel The road to Bredia, a planet in another galaxy, the world of Datomiri’s ancestors. According to Morgan Elspeth, the ancient Datomiri traveled through the void between galaxies star Wars“Space whales, the Borjil, and settled on many worlds. It was generally assumed that these were the Night Sisters – but it was more likely that they were beings similar to the Mountain Clan.

In reality, The ability to empathize with animals and connect with them has always been more of a light side strength than a dark side. Meanwhile, it always seems strange that the Datomiri could have arisen from Pyridia, when the planet is described as a Burgil graveyard – the place where Burgils go to die. The presence of the Light Side Dathomiri raises the possibility that the original Travelers were Light Side, and something went wrong; Peridia has been corrupted, becoming a dark side bond, a place of death. As a result, the intergalactic migration of Peridia was cut off.

This fits well with Dark Jedi Baylan Skoll’s claims Ahsoka. Bridia was believed to be the place where everything went wrong thousands of years ago, long before the world’s recorded history star Wars Galaxy – a place where the balance of power has been lost. The Mountain Clan’s mere presence seemed to indicate that he was right. If so, Bailan investigates any twisted side of the witches in Nightsisters.

Does the Mountain Clan still exist?

Could they appear in live action?

He was thrown standing inside Ahsoka's base with stormtroopers in the background

the end Ahsoka The Grand Admiral saw Thrawn claim Dathomiri as his new base of operations in the main galaxy. Most viewers assumed that the planet was completely uninhabited after the Nightsister Purge, but it’s now clear that’s not the case; The Mountain Clan still exists. It is possible that there were other clans as well, ones that served the Light Side and thus did not catch General Grievous’s attention. If this is the case, The Mountain Clan could soon appear in live eventsThe amazing transformation was only made possible because of… Star Wars: Tales of the Empire.

Star Wars Tales of the Empire poster featuring Grand Admiral Thrawn, Ahsoka, Darth Vader, General Grievous and many other characters within the Imperial logo

Tales of the Empire (2024)

Star Wars: Tales of the Empire is the animated follow-up to 2022’s Tales of the Jedi. The series focuses on Barriss Offee, a former Jedi, and Morgan Elsbeth as they navigate their separate paths across the Galactic Empire. The series will also see the return of other iconic Star Wars characters such as General Grievous, Ahsoka Tano, Grand Admiral Thrawn, and Darth Vader.

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