Canelo Alvarez vs Jaime Munguia fight winner, what’s next

Canelo Alvarez defended his undisputed super middleweight titles against Jaime Munguia by unanimous decision Saturday night at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

“(Munguia) is strong but he is a little slow. I can see every punch,” Alvarez said in the ring after the fight. “Sometimes he got me because I got so confident, but you know like I say, that’s why I have this kind of experience, that’s why I’m the best.”

Alvarez controlled the fight from around the second or third round, absorbing the pressure of Jaime Munguia well while countering with quick and effective shots. Munguia remained steadfast in his strategy to stay in Alvarez’s face but despite landing shots consistently, could not faze Alvarez.

Alvarez steadily chipped away as Munguia left himself open while attacking Alvarez. Munguia made for an exciting fight but ultimately Alvarez controlled the pace and looked comfortable throughout.

When asked if former two-time super middleweight champion David Benavidez may be next, Alvarez was non-committal and left his options open.

“I don’t know right now, I’m going to rest. I’m going to enjoy my family,” Alvarez said. “But you know if the money is right … I can fight right now.”

Alvarez said in the position he’s in, he can ask for whatever he wants and fight whoever he wants. The fans will certainly hope Benavidez is that man.

Benavidez was interviewed on the broadcast where he said he would love a fight with Canelo but can no longer wait around, as he moves up to 175-pounds for his next fight.

One thing is for certain, after a performance like he had on Saturday night, Alvarez remains one of the best boxers on the planet.

Check out live updates from throughout the fight below.

Canelo vs Munguia fight result

Canelo Alvarez defeats Jaime Munguia by unanimous decision to retain his undisputed super middleweight titles. The scores were 117-110, 116-111 and 115-112.

Canelo vs Munguia fight live updates

Round 12: Canelo looks set to retain titles

Barring some magic from Munguia, Canelo looks likely to retain his undisputed title as we enter final round. Canelo clearly was prepared for Munguia’s high octane offense and has tamed one of the more exciting offensive fighters in the sport. He’s taking Munguia’s pressure in stride, landing a couple strong shots to Munguia’s chin with a minute remaining. Canelo finishes the fight with a strong shot to Munguia’s body as he likely just retained his titles in an exciting but one-sided fight.

Round 11: Munguia’s defense stands strong late

The crowd has been buzzing all night with supporters for both fighters making their voices heard as the penultimate round kicks off. It’s the same old story so far, with Munguia’s continual pressure opening himself up to counters from Canelo, who’s landing with efficiency. Munguia finished the round well, landing a handful of shots while largely keeping Canelo off him.

Round 10: Canelo takes Munguia’s punches in stride

As the championship rounds are underway Canelo has outlanded Munguia 170-131 through nine. Munguia lands solid shots on Canelo, up top and to the body, but his power clearly isn’t enough to shake Canelo. Canelo continues to dig to the body where he’s had a lot of success thus far. Munguia landed more it seemed but the more significant shots came from Canelo.

Round 9: Munguia has strong round

Munguia unloads on Canelo but can’t force his opponent backwards as Canelo counters well. Munguia continues the pressure and lands a handful of solid shots. Referee Thomas Taylor warns Munguia to keep his punches above the belt. While Munguia lands plenty of solid shots in the round, Canelo doesn’t look hurt by any of the shots. Canelo lands solid counter punches but Munguia takes the round.

Round 8: Canelo controlling pace of fight

Canelo’s defense has been strong thus far with many of Munguia’s punches catching his guard. Canelo is controlling the ring, backing Munguia down who attempts to hold him off with combinations. The two are currently tied at 33 body punches a piece through seven rounds. Munguia landed a couple quick shots at end but Canelo looked comfortable throughout.

Round 7: Munguia pressure doesn’t faze Canelo

Through six rounds Canelo has outlanded Munguia 111-89. Munguia’s remains steadfast in his pressure filled style but Canelo continues to counter punch effectively, landing flush often as Munguia leaves himself open. The pressure of Munguia isn’t enough to shake Alvarez who seems as comfortable as ever. Each landed solid shots that round but stronger shots looked to come from Canelo.

Round 6: Canelo counterpunching Munguia

Canelo looks to buzz Munguia early on but the former 154-pound champion continues to fight at close range. Munguia, like Canelo, has focused on the body landing some solid shots but again, having little effect on Alvarez. Alvarez remains strong on the counter often catching Munguia as he goes down low.

Round 5: Canelo continues to control fight

Munguia looks fine after the knockdown but its affects could show as we get further into fight. Canelo is snapping his jab well which is opening up space for quick combinations. Canelo continues to connect on counter shots, while Munguia is still throwing but hasn’t landed anything significant. Solid round for Canelo after the knockdown.

Round 4: Canelo knocks down Munguia

Munguia continues to look sharp, standing in the pocket with Canelo. He’s working behind the jab and continues his classic combination punching. Canelo seems unfazed by the shots but many are landing nonetheless. In the final minute Canelo caught Munguia with a string of counters and an uppercut knocked him down, the first knockdown of Munguia’s career. 10-8 round for Canelo.

Round 3: Munguia lands on combinations

Canelo stays focused on the body of Munguia, landing shots with venom. Munguia continues to utilize the jab but hasn’t been able to keep Canelo too far away, Munguia is plenty used to fighting in the pocket however. Munguia pushed Canelo to the corner but Canelo’s defense held strong as he worked his way back to the center of the ring. Munguia unloads on Canelo in the final seconds of the round, although Alvarez manages to block a decent number of shots.

Round 2: Canelo grows more comfortable

Canelo is not afraid to stay inside against Munguia, continuing to move forward eating away at Munguia’s body. Munguia is responding with quick combinations often connecting with the head and body of Canelo, but Alvarez is hardly taking a step back as he counters. Good response round for Canelo as he lands 16 punches.

Round 1: Munguia starts well

Round 1 was a feeling out round between the two Mexicans, but heated up in the waning seconds of the fight. Munguia attempted to establish the jab in the opening minutes, using his height advantage to keep the distance. Canelo found his way inside as the round went on, landing solid body shots while Munguia countered quickly. Munguia landed a bevy of solid shots and should secure the round.

Canelo vs Munguia undercard results

  • Mario Barrios defeats Fabian Maidana by unanimous decision
  • Brandon Figueroa defeats Jessie Magdaleno by KO in round 9
  • Eimantas Stanionis defeats Gabriel Maestre by unanimous decision

How to watch Canelo vs Munguia?

Canelo Alvarez vs Jaime Munguia is being broadcasted on Prime Video pay-per-view and DAZN pay-per-view. This will be the second Prime Video fight card and pay-per-view since promoter Premier Boxing Champions agreed to a broadcasting deal with the streaming giant.

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How much is the Canelo vs Munguia pay-per-view?

The Canelo Alvarez vs Jaime Munguia pay-per-view is $89.95 on Prime Video. DAZN is offering the pay-per-view for $89.99 with a free month of DAZN when you buy a subscription.

When does the Canelo vs Munguia fight start?

The four fight pay-per-view starts at 7 p.m. CT. Alvarez and Munguia are expected to make their ring walks around 10:15 p.m. CT.

  • Pay-per-view start: 7 p.m. CT
  • Alvarez vs Munguia ring walks: approx. 10:15 p.m. CT

Canelo vs Munguia location

Canelo Alvarez vs Jaime Munguia will take place at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday, May 4. It will be Alvarez’s ninth fight at T-Mobile Arena while it will be Munguia’s second.

Canelo Munguia Press Conference

Canelo vs Munguia prediction

While Canelo is the favorite for good reason, it’s not crazy to believe in Munguia’s upside on Saturday.

Munguia is an all-action fighter who rarely takes a step backwards. He pressures his opponents consistently throughout the fight, unleashing barrages on his opponents at close range. That pressure and the distance at which Munguia fights Alvarez will likely determine the fight.

If he’s able to get inside on Alvarez he could find success, but historically Munguia’s high-octane offensive approach has left him susceptible to getting countered, something Alvarez is an expert at.

Munguia’s pressure could make Alvarez uncomfortable, but somewhere around the middle rounds Alvarez will likely decipher Munguia’s forward attacks and pick him apart with counter punches.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Alvarez find his rhythm in the mid to late rounds of the fight and catch Munguia with a big counter shot that puts him down. In the end, Munguia can make this fight exciting for as long as it lasts, but eventually Alvarez will be able to catch him with his guard down and while Munguia has shown a strong chin in the past, few possess power like Alvarez.

Prediction: Canelo Alvarez by KO/TKO in rounds 7-9

Canelo Alvarez weight

Canelo Alvarez weighed in at 166.8 pounds, 1.2 pounds below the super middleweight limit.

Canelo Alvarez fight record


Canelo Alvarez has a 60-2-2 record with 39 knockouts.

Canelo is widely considered to be the most accomplished active boxer in the world and will be a first ballot Hall of Famer when he retires. He’s won titles in four different weight classes from 154-pounds to 175-pounds and is the first undisputed super middleweight champion in the four-belt era.

He’s the No. 1 super middleweight and No. 4 ranked fighter pound-for-pound by The Ring.

Jaime Munguia weight

Jaime Munguia weighed in at 167.4 pounds, .6 pounds below the super middleweight limit.

Jaime Munguia fight record

Jan. 27, 2024; Phoenix, Ariz; USA; Jaime Munguia throws a punch at John Ryder along the ropes in the fifth round during The Golden Boy Boxing Series at the Footprint Center.

Jaime Munguia has a 43-0 record with 34 knockouts.

Munguia is a former junior middleweight world champion and this will be his third fight at super middleweight. Despite his undefeated record, Munguia has faced criticism throughout his career for the caliber of opponents he’s taken on.

Munguia is the No. 5 ranked super middleweight contender by The Ring.

His best victories include a 2018 title fight win over Liam Smith and two wins in the last twelve months over contenders John Ryder and Sergiy Derevyanchenko.

Canelo vs Munguia fight purse

While each fighter’s exact purse for the bout is unknown, we do have an idea of how much Canelo is making. Canelo signed a one-fight deal with promoter Premier Boxing Champions earlier this year for more than $35 million, per Dan Rafael.

Munguia will receive the largest purse of his career although the exact figure is unknown.

Canelo vs Munguia judges

The Nevada State Athletic Commission selected an experienced group of judges for the Canelo Alvarez vs Jaime Munguia fight.

The judges will be Tim Cheatham, David Sutherland and Steve Weisfeld. The referee will be Thomas Taylor.

Canelo vs Munguia odds

Canelo Munguia Press Conference

Canelo Alvarez is a -525 favorite to win on DraftKings, while Munguia is +380 to win. On DraftKings 68% of bets have been placed on Canelo as of Friday.

  • Alvarez by decision: -105
  • Munguia by decision: +700
  • Alvarez by KO/TKO: +165
  • Munguia by KO/TKO: +950

Canelo vs Munguia undercard

Brandon Figueroa vs Mark Magsayo

The co-main event will see former world champion Mario Barrios (28-2, 18 knockouts) defend his WBC interim welterweight title against Fabian Maidana (22-2, 16 knockouts).

In the third fight down the card, former unified world champion Brandon Figueroa (24-1-1, 18 knockouts) returns from a year layoff to defend his WBC interim featherweight belt against former world champion Jessie Magdaleno (29-2, 18 knockouts).

The pay-per-view opener will see the WBA “regular” welterweight champion Eimantas Stanionis (14-0, 9 knockouts) take on two-time Olympian, undefeated Gabriel Maestre (6-0-1, 5 knockouts).

The full pay-per-view card is below:

  • Main event: Canelo Alvarez vs Jaime Munguia
  • Co-main: Mario Barrios vs Fabian Maidana
  • Brandon Figueroa vs Jessie Magdaleno
  • Eimantas Stanionis vs Gabriel Maestre

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