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Jurgen Klopp has been a long-time critic of fixture scheduling and the workloads placed on players, and admits the demands of Liverpool’s management have taken their toll; Watch Liverpool vs Tottenham on Sunday live on Sky Sports from 4pm; The start is at 4:30 pm

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8:28, United Kingdom, Sunday 05 May 2024

Jurgen Klopp seems certain he made the right decision to end his nine-year spell at Liverpool before succumbing to fatigue, believing the club would struggle next season.

The 56-year-old heads into his penultimate match at Anfield as Liverpool coach when Tottenham host their visitors on Super Sunday.

There are only three matches remaining in his reign, yet it seems that this reality has not affected him yet.

“I didn’t really think about it,” Klopp says exclusively. Sky Sports. “I never took it as a goodbye because I can’t think every day about my own situation.

“We had a day this week when our organization was on the training field and there were families and children there, moments that I always loved.

“I met a boy I first saw five years ago when he had cancer and now he’s there with his head full of red curls. It’s wonderful to see that. It was a moment when I realized [leaving] “It will be difficult.”

Gary Neville discusses whether he believes Klopp’s mid-season departure announcement has affected Liverpool’s performance this season

Klopp understood what it meant to be a manager of Liverpool Football Club, and to be a coach at Liverpool.

The German understands Liverpool implicitly, and in announcing his exit he spoke about how important it was to him to have the freedom of the city.

When he leaves later this month, he will feel good about the foundations he has laid, to build another great Liverpool team.

Although there is no fairy tale ending to a second Premier League title – or more European glory – his legacy is already certain.

The weight of those firm commitments, and the constant demand to bear the weight of all those hopes and dreams, meant he left out of necessity.

As Klopp approaches the end of his reign with Liverpool, we take a look at the best goals his side has scored in the Premier League

When asked if the decision to leave was made with his wife, Ola Sandrock, Klopp said: “The initial decision was not a joint decision. It was my decision in this particular case.”

“There’s only one person who can make that decision and that’s me. I had to explain to her that for me it’s about being the best I can be to finish.

Jurgen Klopp said the confrontation with Mohamed Salah during the match against West Ham has been fully resolved.

“Football hasn’t been great the last few weeks and as a result you’re starting to hear people saying I look really tired. I’m old! But I’m looking forward to staying at 100% until the final day.” That was always the plan.

“I was sure that if I didn’t make this decision now, it could be difficult next year. Thinking about preparing for the new season, making big decisions.

“And to achieve that, you really have to be full of energy. 80 percent is not enough. That’s the truth. It’s too much. It’s a 24/7 job. Yes, there are more important things in life, but if you really care Then it’s 24/7.

“I’ve done it for a very long time and I realize I can’t keep doing it at the level required for a club like Liverpool.”

Klopp points out that in most cases, the departure of the coach comes during a period of decline, but his successor will move to a well-managed club with a clear recruitment structure and philosophy.

“Of course, it’s not ideal as if we had five or six extra points and we would continue to fight for the league,” he said. He added: “But if you go back to the beginning of the season, I called it Liverpool 2.0… Liverpool 2.0 does not stop after my departure.”

“It’s just the beginning of another project with a really good team.”

Klopp: It’s good for the players to prove themselves again

Artist Mark Rowe explains the significance of the new mural unveiled near Anfield in honor of outgoing Liverpool manager Klopp.

It is still unclear whether Mohamed Salah is part of this team. In his press conference after the 2-2 draw against West Ham last weekend, the Reds boss said everything had been resolved, only for Salah to walk across the mixed area and say: “There will be fire if you speak.”

But nearly a week after that incident, Klopp said it was not particularly out of the ordinary. Salah is one of the few players whose contract expires in the summer of 2025.

Did Al-Masry discuss what his future would be like without the current manager?

“No, and they shouldn’t,” Klopp said on behalf of his team as a whole. “No one talked to me about it. We didn’t leave school when our favorite teacher retired. I never had the same teachers all my life.

“I had different influences from different people and you take whatever you can get from the different people you meet along your journey. We really love each other and have a good relationship with a few little bumps here and there which is totally normal.

“It’s good that players now don’t know what to expect. It’s good that they have to prove themselves again with new effects. It’s always a good thing in life.

“We always go for security, the same vacation, the same hotel, the same place on the beach. But actually, it makes sense to go to another beach too.”

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