Not So Magical: Animals Defecate on Walt Disney World Guests

Well, that’s one way to ruin a Disney vacation! Each year, millions of theme park guests travel to Walt Disney World to experience the attractions, entertainment, and cultural experiences the park has to offer. One of the most popular offerings is the animal encounters that guests can experience within the parks.

At Disney, fans have the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the most amazing animals ever. For many, animal experiences are a highlight of a visit to Disney theme parks, and Disney’s conservation efforts continue to draw guests back year after year.

In addition to their Animals housed in cagesDisney is also home to many wild animals that call the park home. Many fans enjoy interacting with animals like ducks on Disney property, but sometimes, these animals don’t quite fit into the scenic Disney experience. One family, in particular, had a less than glamorous encounter with some feathered friends.

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Resident animals at Animal Kingdom Park
Credit: Disney

Disney Ducks provides an unfortunate guest experience

More than just Donald Duck, Ducks are a common sight Across different Disney parks. These feathered friends often wander the grounds, adding a touch of magic to the magical atmosphere. Visitors can often see the ducks strolling leisurely around the parks, and sometimes they join in the fun at the attractions and greet guests with their cheerful presence.

while Disney ducks Absolutely adorable as they may be, they are also wild animals that live and exist on their own terms. Guests are encouraged to stay away from the ducks in order to keep themselves and the animals safe and happy.

A family of ducks walking down a rainy streetA family of ducks walking down a rainy street
Credit: Unsplash

Unfortunately, this separation cannot always be maintained. In the case of one Disney family, they were attacked from above when a family of ducks decided to defecate on them. The accident occurred at EPCOT, which is located at the Walt Disney World Resort. And share their story, saying:

“If anyone was at Epcot and saw a family getting overwhelmed by some ducks, that’s us! I probably caught it on video.”

Disney animals african elephantsDisney animals african elephants
Credit: Walt Disney World Resort

Call of nature

While this situation may have been a complete nightmare for the family involved, it is unfortunately an unavoidable part of spending time outdoors. While we love feathered friends at Disney, it’s always a good idea to do so Give them space In order to avoid any problems. While some cases, like this one, are unavoidable, it is always a good idea to handle all wildlife with caution and care.

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