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Greetings from SOLAS and welcome to our latest edition of Cats, Kittens, Kittens!

The mama kittens were roaming all over town, and of course the SOLAS volunteers were there to give them a warm, safe place to land.

SOLAS article dated May 7, 2024

Here’s the story from Cara, the beautiful calico’s foster mother:

Mama – We named her Ginger, and she gave birth to four babies on Tuesday, April 23rd. She was all ready in her room, had a beautiful place to deliver the babies, and we were all ready!

But the night before, she had escaped the room and found a comfortable cloth toy box and made it her home! We went down to do our morning chores and found her, we could tell something was going on! I tried to take her back to her room, but she wasn’t having it, so we moved the toy box over to her and got her all set up.

Our kids got to see her give birth to baby #1 and #2 – our oldest daughter cried tears of happy awe. I drove everyone to school and work, and spent the morning with my mom. You did it well! Two boys and two girls, and they are growing well.

People read too…

Mama Ginger is a wonderful, patient and sweet girl. She and her babies will enjoy a busy home full of kids and pets, so they’ll be ready for anything when it’s time to adopt!

SOLAS article dated May 7, 2024

Kelsey, another foster mom of an orange and white cat, shared this story with SOLAS:

These are Ginger (the mama), Crumpet (the female clone of the mama), Little Jackie (the female ginger), and Tuffy (the male ginger). Taffy was born with crooked legs but we have been strengthening them with physical therapy.

Hopefully he can stretch it and walk normally eventually.

The history of ginger is very disturbing. She and 18 other cats were found in an abandoned trailer in Carter Lake in February. SOLAS Fosters has taken in several abandoned cats. They were suffering from drought, hunger and filth. They lived without access to food and water for a month.

We did not realize at the time that one of the rescued cats was pregnant. It’s a miracle that Ginger’s cats survived. She certainly wasn’t getting the nutrients she needed when she became pregnant.

Fortunately, Ginger and her babies are getting all the food, care, and love they need to grow and thrive.

SOLAS article dated May 7, 2024

Mama Tabby is tired. They were found under a dumpster at a gas station with new mouths suitable for feeding.

Foster mother Nicole took it in and named it “Lotus” to symbolize renaissance and enlightenment.

Lotus is very affectionate with humans and shows appreciation with purrs and head bumps. Her story will be much happier now that she has plenty of food and water as well as a safe place to raise her children.

SOLAS article dated May 7, 2024

Tracy is caring for this little tiger. Here’s what you should say:

This mother had three kittens in a barn. They were found by a family who did not own cats and were not sure where they came from. My mother is friendly and her cats are in good condition: one calico, one tortoiseshell, and one black.

SOLAS is – understandably – hosting a baby shower! These cats don’t need diapers and blankets, they need food and litter, and plenty of both. SOLAS also needs foster volunteers.

If you have space in your home, please consider a nursery with SOLAS. We make it easy and it’s very rewarding. Contact us on www.solaspetadoption.org. Please send Purina ProPlan Kitten Chow and/or Tidy Cat litter (unscented, please) to SOLAS c/o D. File, 1112 19th Ave. Council Bluffs, IA 51501

All SOLAS cats and kittens are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

SOLAS does not have a “brick and mortar” location requiring rental payments, nor do we have any paid employees. Every penny donated goes directly to the care of our homeless pets, and every donation qualifies for tax deduction since SOLAS is a certified non-profit charity

Contributions to SOLAS can be made through our Amazon wishlist at tinyurl.com/solaslistvia PayPal at paypal.me/solaspetadoption or via Chewy at tinyurl.com/solaslistchewy.

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