2024 NFL Draft reaction: Predicting Rookies of the Year, bounce-back teams, 2025 No. 1 overall pick and more

2024 NFL draft Available in books. Months of speculation have given way to anticipation for next season and beyond. Instead of evaluating prospects, attention turns to evaluating the situations they are in, as well as how they impact the overall outlook for the regular season and postseasons.

CBS Sports NFL draft Analyst Chris Trapasso and I answered the general takeaways from this past draft and looked into the crystal ball to try to predict NFL Honors and more.

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1. Who achieved the greatest success in 2024 NFL draft?


“Chicago probably had the most impactful draft with a quarterback Caleb Williams And a wide reception Roma Udonzi, but for the second year in a row, I thought the Steelers did well more broadly. They probably came up with at least five starters, including three on the offensive line. They have bigger full-backs inside Najee Harris And Jaylen WarrenHired offensive coordinator Arthur Smith and signed a quarterback Russell Wilson. They are designed to run the ball downhill and then shoot strategically George Pickens In the lower attempts.” — Josh Edwards


“This is a layup, but you have to take the open lane to the basket on this one. The first five picks — Jayden Daniels, Johnny Newton, Mike Sinristil, Ben Sinnott And Luke McCaffrey “They will all be major contributors to rebuilding Washington.” Chris Trapasso

2. Who had the worst/most disappointing semester?


“Carolina took some chances on draft-type prospects, but its strategy was clear: add offensive skills talent to back it up.” Bryce Young. Tennessee’s draft was more difficult to understand. She selected two attacking players to support the sophomore midfielder Will Levis. She missed Notre Dame Alternative atmosphere He took J.C. Latham, who played right tackle for Alabama. I don’t understand why they needed Latham and pushed him to left tackle when they could have just taken Olu Fashanu. Most hair Founder Sweet It was about to decline, and would likely fall outside the top 100 overall After his DWI arrest. The rest of the draft didn’t move the needle much for me.” — Edwards


“They’ve drafted two draft picks with the first two picks in what’s supposed to be an ‘all-around’ year for the Cowboys. That slogan probably shouldn’t be uttered again by anyone at the top of the organization for a while. Upside, but he’s an unsavory forward,” Marist said. Pretty consistent and should improve in coverage Ryan Flournoy In round 6 and Nathan Thomas In the seventh round. Other than that, I saw the Cowboys draft as one where they mostly made their picks. “– Trapasso

3. Who will be the Rookie of the Year?

Caleb Williams, QB, University of Southern California (Bear)

“The hanging fruit is low here, but the Offensive Player of the Year award is the quarterback award. Williams is going into a position where he’s throwing to wide receivers.” DJ Moore, Keenan Allen And Roma Udonze, as well as to tight end Cole Kmit. The offensive line is probably average to above average. “It’s a fantastic set of circumstances for a rising midfielder.” — Edwards

Malik NabarsEUR, LSU (Giants)

“From blazing speed down the field, to over-the-shoulder catches, to ridiculous scampers at the YAC, Nabers will ignite the Giants’ offense with his full skill set en route to winning this award.” — Trapasso

4. Who will be the Defensive Rookie of the Year?

Tyrion ArnoldCB, Alabama (the black)

“The decision boils down to Colts Pass rusher Laito lato And Arnold. I knew Trabasso was taking Lato, so I wanted to offer a different point of view. When it comes to Rookie of the Year honors, you’re looking for an impact performer who is ready to contribute from Week 1. Arnold plays for a Detroit team that should make the playoffs. He also has an offensive front, which should allow him to take advantage of the back end.” — Edwards

Laato Lato, Edge, UCLA (Colts)

“Lato may not have tremendous potential due to his age, but he is as ready to go as any defensive prospect in this class, and the Colts had a huge need at the point rusher. With Anthony Richardson Going back to Year 2, this Indianapolis team should be more competitive, which means more pass-rushing opportunities for the highly versatile forward out of UCLA. Trapasso

5. Which rookie is most likely to be selected to the Pro Bowl in Year 1?

Dallas TurnerEdge, Alabama (Vikings)

“Caleb Williams and Tyrion Arnold are certainly in the conversation if I think they will win Rookie of the Year awards. However, for the sake of mixing things up, I will say Turner. When looking at the outside linebackers who were selected to the Pro Bowl last season, Two of the three (Danielle Hunter And Hasson Reddick) Moved to the AFC. The opportunity is there.” Edwards

Thales VojaOT, Oregon (Saints)

“He’s an immediate impact at right tackle on a team in desperate need of that type of player. The size, balance, athleticism, length — it’s all there with Fuaga.” — Trapasso

6. Who will be the most impactful pick outside of the first round?

Ladd McConkeyW.R., Georgia (Chargers)

“Kenan Allen? Gone.” Mike Williams? gold. Austin Eckler? gold. Gerald Everett? gold. Justin Herbert He returned just 33.7% of his receptions last year, which was likely higher than expected because Williams was limited to just three games. The Chargers will need someone to take on that workload. Josh Palmer And Quentin Johnston They are the pioneers of passing. McConkey is a player who is in a position to blossom early out of necessity.” — Edwards

Trey BensonRB, Florida State (basics)

“There will be a lot of interest for his rookie teammate Marvin Harrison Jr. The incumbent starts running back James Conner. This will lead to Benson eventually swinging his way to a No. 1 running back gig with the Cardinals which will provide great pass rushers. He’s big, fast and elusive – the combination every team wants in a key ball carrier.” — Trapasso

7. Which team selected in the top 10 is most likely to compete for a spot in the playoffs?


“Atlanta is a team in the original top 10 that jumps out because of the division it plays in. The NFC South is wide open and the offense has the talent to get to the ground with veteran Kirk Cousins Under the center. If the Falcons can avoid locker room drama, they can make a big leap.” — Edwards


“I didn’t start with a top-10 pick, but he was traded away to get one. Even if JJ McCarthy doesn’t play from Week 1 onward — I think he’ll start sooner rather than later — that’s smart. The roster has been rebuilt, even on the defensive side, and Brian Flores is one of the most aggressive and effective schemers on this side of the ball Justin Jefferson, Jordan Addison In year 2, and TJ Hawkinson And Brian O’Neill Slowly but surely coming back from injury? Yes, this is a playoff-caliber team in Minnesota.” — Trapasso

8. Who will be the No. 1 overall pick in the 2025 NFL Draft?

Carson Beck, QB, Georgia

“Georgia should have one of College football Top teams again, so talent evaluators will get a chance to see him play in high-stakes moments. Beck has shown a lot of growth over the course of the 2023 season, so if he’s able to continue on this path, there’s no reason to believe Beck won’t be in the mix No. 1 overall.” — Edwards

Carson Beck, QB, Georgia

“Although the 2025 quarterback class currently does not contain a Caleb Williams type, a passer who has already been slotted into that slot, when all is said and done, the experience, arm talent and production from Beck will earn him the No. 1 spot next year. Draft.” — Trapasso

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