Buy your $2K+ Food & Wine Classic pass now 

You can now buy tickets, or rather, The weekend passes to the inaugural Food & Wine Classic in Charleston, a fall food festival hosted by Food, Wine, Southern Life And Travel + entertainment An Introduction to Exploring Charleston.

The festival takes place September 27-29 in and around Charleston and features more than 40 demonstrations by celebrity chefs. Wine and cocktail seminars. and the festival’s “Grand Tasting Pavilion”, featuring hundreds of winemakers, distillers and culinary experts.

Weekend tickets cost $2,450 and can be as much Purchased online. (Yes!)

Includes visiting chefs and sommeliers participating Tyler Florence, the popular Food Network host; TV chef Maneet Chauhan; Bartender and media personality Amanda McCrossin; Emmy and four-time James Beard Award-winning television host, Andrew Zimmern. Local talent includes chefs Mike Latta, Carrie Morey and James London and bartenders Miles White and Femi Oyediran.

mr evans, Southern living The editor-in-chief explained why the Food & Wine Classic came to Charleston: “No other place has the combination of hospitality, foodways, culture, architecture and history like the Holy City. Charleston is incredibly beloved by readers and editors.” Food, Wine, Southern LifeAnd Travel + entertainmentSo bringing the Food & Wine Classic to Charleston was an exciting idea for all of us.

Food and wineMagazine editor-in-chief Hunter Lewis said he envisions the event will attract visitors and locals alike.

“We expect the audience to be a mix of locals and out-of-towners looking to experience Charleston’s growing reputation in the culinary world firsthand. … Attendees can expect to rub shoulders with winemakers, discover world-class chefs and tastemakers, and gather with passionate wine and food enthusiasts.” In the spaces we will share in this world-class city.

Does Charleston need another food festival?

While the city of Charleston may be “beloved” by its readers Food, Wine, Southern Life And Travel + entertainment, it is recognized by the local food and beverage industry that celebrates and supports its craftsmanship. And while Lewis promised that “a lot” of local talent will be showcased at the new Food & Wine Classic, it’s hard to say how many local fans in our city will shell out $2,450 for this weekend’s event.

The price is certainly on par with the level of talent and what’s on offer, but the lack of smaller ticket options will likely turn off a lot of local foodies.

Comments on Food and Wine on Instagram The announcement of ticket sales indicates that prices are determined by some visitors:

  • “Why is it so expensive? This is Charleston, not LA,” @geauxleaux said. “Hopefully we can buy single day tickets, a la carte;
  • @thehungrymedium asked “When will tickets be available for regular people?”
  • @kennertyrene asked “Will locals who have everything priced out get discounts or tickets for a single day or a specific event?”

Charleston already has a big spring food festival: Charleston Wine + Food, which just celebrated its 19th year in March. Does the city need another? This is a hypothetical question that likely won’t have any definitive answers until after Food & Wine passes through town next September.

The Food & Wine Classic “builds on the Food & Wine Classic’s 40-year legacy in Aspen. This fall, we will bring together the expertise and voices of three iconic media brands: Food & Wine, Travel + Leisure and Southern Living,” Lewis said. Together to create an intimate atmosphere in a prime location in the heart of Charleston.

Charleston also has twice as many people living in poverty as Aspen, According to the US Census Bureau, Its per capita income is also about half that of the famous ski town of Colorado. Maybe it’s not the economic makeup of the city that matters, but the amount of money coming in from visitors. Is the city creating a festival? Or is it who can make it to the festival?

Neither Lewis nor Evans have commented on contingency plans for this year’s festival — a question organizers will have to ask themselves after the unfortunate Charleston Wine + Food debacle Weather related cancellations in the last year. First city or not, even Charleston is not immune to the peak of hurricane season.

Buy your $2K+ Food & Wine Classic pass now 

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