Saudi Sports Company’s (SSC) Uses TVU Networks’ Remote Commentator Technology

Saudi Sports Company (SSC) is setting a new standard in sports broadcasting, significantly expanding its global footprint.

Saudi Sports Company’s (SSC) Uses TVU Networks’ Remote Commentator Technology

Through strategic investments aimed at harnessing the latest broadcast technologies, alongside the Kingdom’s broader efforts to attract top-tier talent and modernize its sporting infrastructure, SSC aims not only to enhance its local appeal, but also to place the Saudi Professional League among the elite top 10. . Leagues around the world.

Central to this strategy is the partnership with TVU Networks and MEBS, whose live commentary platform now brings the game’s excitement to a global audience in multiple languages, promising an unprecedented level of fan engagement.

TVU Networks’ remote commentator power is reshaping the way the Saudi Sports Company (SSC) approaches live sports broadcasting. By adding the ability to perform remote captioning to its production tools, SSC has opened up a new world of production scalability and cost efficiency. The addition of TVU’s cloud platform removed the logistical hurdles and environmental impact associated with travel and accommodation, enabling seamless coverage of the Saudi Professional League season in a variety of languages.Saudi Sports Company’s (SSC) Uses TVU Networks’ Remote Commentator Technology

“By bringing together the best commentators from around the world on one platform, we have been able to enrich the viewing experience with expert insights and deep analysis that truly brings the game closer to the fans,” he says. Emile Lunn, CEO of SSC.

The partnership between Saudi Sports Company (SSC) and TVU Networks has yielded remarkable results. TVU’s remote commentator feature has played an important role in expanding the league’s global audience by enhancing accessibility through multilingual commentators.

Delving into the technology that fueled these landmarks, Nader Mokhtar, Director of MCR/Broadcast and STB Technology at MBChighlights the pivotal role of TVU Networks: “Our partnership is a game-changer. Exceeding all expectations, the Remote Commentator solution delivers near real-time, fully synchronized feedback with a glass-to-glass response time faster than any other solutions, all without Additional infrastructure and this efficiency has been key to expanding our operations.”

Highlighting the partnership aspect, Nader Mokhtar praised TVU Networks’ commitment to customer support, likening it to an extension of their own team but with the advantage of 24/7 availability. “The support from TVU Networks and MEBS has been unparalleled. Their team is essentially an extension of our own, and is always on hand to ensure our broadcasts run smoothly, allowing us to focus on our core mission: producing more sporting events and continually raising the bar of the sports league.” Saudi Arabia and the broader field of global sports broadcasting.”

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