What is rap beef and what is the history of it in California?

(FOX40.COM) – Rap music has been around for decades, and while it’s nothing new, the ongoing feud between rappers Kendrick Lamar and Drake has sparked renewed interest in music brawls.
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What is beef rap?

Rap music can be defined as a feud between rappers who compose songs whose primary purpose is to verbally attack each other. The songs are known as diss tracks and can be a showcase of artists’ lyrical excellence – and an entertainment paradise for fans.

What are some popular rap beefs in California?

while Multiple reports Since New York is the home of beef rap, California rappers have been involved in their fair share of popular wars of words.

Ice Cube vs. NWA

The feud between Ice Cube and his former group NWA in the late 1980s was a legendary rap affair with roots in California. NWA originated in 1987 With some hip-hop icons like Ice Cube and Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, MC Ren, DJ Yella and Arabian Prince. Most of the members grew up together in Compton.

What is rap beef and what is the history of it in California?
Rap group NWA poses with rappers The DOC and Laylaw from above The Law (LR standing: Laylaw, DJ Yella, Dr. Dre and The DOC sit in for Ice Cube, Eazy-E and MC Ren) backstage at Kemper Arena during their “Straight” Outta Compton Tour concert in June 1989 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Raymond Boyd/Michael Oakes Archives/Getty Images)

Tensions rose when Ice Cube left the group over disagreements over money, according to americansongwriter.com. In an interview with Thrasher magazine, Ice Cube said he would “rather be broke than be in a big group and not get paid properly.”

His departure from NWA led to a rivalry between him and his former group mates and the release of what is considered one of the greatest diss records of all time in 1991, “No Vaseline”.

2pac vs biggie

Tupac Chukar (2pac) vs. Christopher Wallace (Notorious BIG or Biggy). He is remembered by many to be the greatest, and the most tragic, rap beef of all time. Tupac, 24, was signed to a California-based company, and Biggie, 25, was from New York. The two went back and forth through their music from 1994 to 1996.

They started out as collaborators, but a feud erupted after 2pac was ambushed and injured in a New York City recording studio in 1994. He claimed that Biggie and P Diddy were responsible. According to the Associated Press. Many legendary tracks arose from their feud such as “Who Shot Ya” by Biggie and “Hit em Up” by 2pac.

What is rap beef and what is the history of it in California?
Rapper Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G. and P. Diddy performs on stage at the Palladium on July 23, 1993, in New York, New York. (Photo by Al Pereira/Michael Oakes Archives/Getty Images)

The West Coast-East Coast rivalry ended in September of 1996 when 2pac was shot and killed in Las Vegas. Six months later, Biggie would suffer the same fate when… He was shot and killed in Los Angeles. Their deaths were a blow to the hip-hop world, and although nearly 30 years have passed, many fans of the genre agree that there is a void in the rap industry that still resonates today.

The game for 50 cents

The war of words between Jason Taylor (The Game) and Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) is one of the longest-running and most famous in hip-hop history. This was another battle between the West Side and the East Side as the game was from Compton and 50 Cent was from New York. according to Bayt.com, Their beef officially began in 2005 when 50 Cent went on the Hot 97 radio show and announced that The Game, who was signed to his label, was starting out.

In response, Game showed up in front of the radio building to confront 50 Cent but was denied entry by security, according to complex.com. The outdoor quarrel led to an exchange of fire between the two sides and the injury of a person from the game camp.

What is rap beef and what is the history of it in California?
Rapper 50 Cent and The Game appeared at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture to announce that they were putting aside their differences and making amends on March 9, 2005 in New York City. (Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images)

After the incident, 50 Cent gave several interviews focusing on The Game. He accused Game of being an exotic dancer with no street fame and a bunch of other things. In response, the game launched a campaign called G-Unot, a mockery of 50 Cent and his brand, G-Unit. It also spawned an iconic, nearly 15-minute track by The Game, 300 Bars, and Running.

The feud continued for several years, until The Game publicly apologized in 2016 during a show in Los Angeles, according to The Game’s website. XXL.com. However, it appeared to be reignited in 2022 when The Game called 50 Cent an obscene name on stage.

Kendrick Lamar vs. Drake

2024 is the current host of one of the fiercest rap acts of recent years – Kendrick Lamar vs. Drake. Their feud goes back to 2013 when Kendrick Lamar included a line in a song saying he wanted to kill Drake and other popular rappers when it comes to music. According to KTLA.

What is rap beef and what is the history of it in California?
Several tracks have been released over the past few weeks between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. (Getty Images)

At the time, Lamar claimed the bar was just a token, friendly rivalry, but more than a decade later, things between the two have become far from friendly. Over the past few weeks, approximately 10 tracks have been dropped between the two rappers. From allegations of domestic violence and child abuse to plastic surgery and more, the boundaries of disrespecting each other were endless. On May 3 alone, Four songs were released Within 24 hours in which fans were on the edge of their seats to find out what would happen next.

Do rappers start beef for publicity or financial gain?

Although there is no conclusive evidence of rap recording, it is undeniable that music companies benefit from the additional sales and streams generated by music controversies.

For example, Drake is Signed to Universal Music Group. Kendrick Lamar He is signed to his own label called pgLang. pgLang is a partner of Interscope Records is owned by Universal Music Group. Essentially, the two are brothers under the Universal label – and most of their recently released tracks are available for consumption on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify and SoundCloud.

With all the added focus on their ongoing beef, Universal Music Group will likely be swimming in a pool of new revenue from the unprecedented number of tracks dropped and streamed from their artists’ rap beef.

In fact, Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s beef has been so successful that several of their new releases have been in the top 20. Billboard Top 100 SongsAnd Kendrick Lamar recently Breaks Drake’s Spotify record for 2021 For most streams in a single day – over 6 million streams.

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