Eurovision Sport in European Taekwondo Championships coup

Eurovision Sport, the new free-to-air digital streaming platform, is pleased to announce that it will be broadcasting the European Senior Taekwondo Championships G4 and European Parataekwondo Championships G4/G2 in Belgrade, Serbia this week.

Eurovision Sport’s coverage of the tournaments, which take place from 9 to 12 May, showcases the platform’s expanding portfolio and underscores its dedication to live showing the best European sporting events to audiences across the region and beyond.

To complement Eurovision Sport’s coverage, EBU members will provide an additional layer of visibility to the tournaments across their own platforms.

Scheduling the tournament a few weeks before the start of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games ensures that teams will be in full preparedness mode, testing strategies and tactics to see what adjustments need to be made before the Games in Paris.

Eurovision Sport is a pioneer in live sports broadcasting making thousands of hours of content available for free in one digital destination.

The platform, developed by the European Broadcasting Union, complements coverage provided by members of the public service media, democratizing access to sport. Since its launch in February, e-racing, rowing, horse racing and motorsport have been added to its portfolio.

Last month, Eurovision Sport announced a historic deal to broadcast five qualifying matches for the Billie Jean King Cup, the first ever tennis tournament to be shown on Eurovision Sport.

Glen Keelan, Executive Director of Sport at UEFA, said: “We are excited to welcome European Taekwondo to the Eurovision Sport platform where Taekwondo will be present alongside other prominent Olympic sports. Eurovision Sport is fast becoming the destination for sports fans and we are confident that this new partnership will bring Taekwondo to new fans across Europe and the world.”

European Taekwondo Federation President Sakis Bragalos added: “We started our cooperation with Eurovision Sport in 2014 and this platform is a natural continuation of the greater promotion of this sport to the public. The EBU’s decision to develop a free-to-play platform finds us strong supporters because taekwondo is not at the top of the preferences of TV networks but in the hearts of millions.” From athletes playing the sport across Europe our next goal is to develop more taekwondo content for the platform and ensure that our sport builds its own fan base in the four years between the Olympic Games.

For more information about European sports and their schedules, please visit the website www.eurovisionsport.com

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