NYC fashionistas are eating up these $295 food-cart tube tops: ‘Iconic’

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Fashion Plates: Prepare to have your heart eaten.

hamburger. sausage. Gyros. There is a food truck with an LED screen displaying menu items on almost every corner in New York City.

Now, pioneering designer Edna St. Louis is transforming the hot lunch menu into halal-inspired couture.

“I wanted to reference an authentic experience for New Yorkers,” St. Louis, 26, told The Post of her $295 Halal Cart Bandeau Top.

Avant-garde fashion designer Edna St. Louis transformed LED food truck signs into high-fashion paraphernalia. Courtesy Edna St. Louis

“A lot of people love the freedom of self-expression that New York City offers,” she continued. “And wearing something like the Halal Cart shirt is the ultimate expression of that freedom.”

Reminiscent of the LED belt buckles that millennials rocked during the early 2000s — 2000s fashion trendsetters often programmed the scrolling accessories to flash their names or neighborhoods — St. Louis decorations are a modern feast for the eyes.

Generation Z, based in Midtown’s Garment District, first introduced the neon number to fans online during New York Fashion Week in February. Its eye-catching design debuted at a time when light-up clothing was starting to take off like wildfire.

Beyoncé famously wore an Anrealage coat, when She was exposed to ultraviolet rays that slowly traveled down her bodybroadcast a kaleidoscope of color from the stages of her recent Renaissance world tour.

Meanwhile, the Costume Institute’s spring 2024 exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art features a number of… Vintage togs that have been given new life Through specialized light features.

The Gen Z group debuted its light-up fashions during New York Fashion Week in February. Courtesy Edna St. Louis
Halal food trucks line the streets of New York City, promoting burgers, kebabs and other delights on LED displays. AFP via Getty Images
“I wanted to show a piece during this year’s Fashion Week to express my love for New York…Halal Carts fit the bill.” Instagram / @ednastlouisofficial

The luminous St. Louis logos feature a wraparound, moving LED display to promote goodies like “lamb,” “kebabs,” “rice” and “muffins.”

The wearable stroller art – available in sizes ranging from extra small to extra large – comes with a compression fit over the chest and features an adjustable Velcro closure.

The flexible LED panel is splash-resistant and easy to wipe with a dry cloth. But the ultra-modern upper cannot be washed or dry cleaned.

It is lined with leather, and has a built-in rechargeable battery as well as a power switch.

However, while people wearing the digital design can control its charging, they are unable to shake off the dishes on its screen.

Online, TikTok users are going crazy over fast food in St. Louis. Courtesy Jules Wettreich

“The words cannot be changed after purchase because it would invalidate the point of being the top of the halal bandwagon,” St. Louis said, adding that she had always been “fascinated” by the animated signs.

“It can’t hurt that it features beloved New York City foods.”

Its engaging craftsmanship has been hailed as “iconic” by over 500,000 online outfitters.

St. Louis is flattered that the viral creation has created buzz online and in sales. Courtesy Edna St. Louis

Fashionistas from Gotham and beyond have been virally fawning over finery since Brunette Share a viral snippet To herself wearing the piece on the subway on Tuesday.

“Have Gen Z upgraded from the name belts that us millennials wore to this? “I’m here for it,” one TikTok commenter clapped back.

“As a native New Yorker, this is very creative,” said another.

“This is fashion,” exclaimed an equally seductive tastemaker.

The cyber buzz has translated into an increase in sales and “our wait list for orders has nearly tripled,” St. Louis tells The Post.

She is grateful not only for the customers, but also for the daily vitality of the concrete jungle.

“I owe a lot to New York City,” St. Louis said. “He is a huge inspiration to me.”

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