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20 scientists from the University of Leicester will take to the stage at various venues across Leicester next week to bring science to the general public – and the pub!

From May 13 to 15, A pint of science The festival will simultaneously bring thousands of scientists and their research outside the laboratory to bars, cafes and community halls near you. The three-day festival has grown astronomically since its inception, and 2024 will see events in more than 25 countries and hundreds of cities around the world.

Each night will offer a unique combination of talks, demos and live experiences held in a relaxed and informal environment.

The University of Leicester researchers will speak at venues across the city, including the Phoenix Theatre, The Real Ale Classroom, and Rainbow and Dove. Tickets are available from Pint Science website, costing just £5 each. Attendees in Leicester will enjoy a variety of exciting talks including: rural racism, climate refugees, and the latest developments in cancer research.

The full list of speakers and events organized by researchers from the University of Leicester is available at the following link: Lister Pint Science website.

Organizers of this year’s University of Leicester Talks said: “We are excited and proud to host four different themes at the 2024 edition of Pint of Science! We look forward to taking our speakers to three beautiful venues with members of the public and talking about the latest research led by researchers from the University of Leicester, and will include This year’s program features AI-powered robots, the latest developments in cancer research, rural racism, and much more.

Pint of Science’s founders, Dr. Praveen Paul and Dr. Michael Motskin, wanted to bring the personal touch back to science. From three cities in 2013 to hundreds of cities this year, the festival continues to showcase the amazing acts happening on our doorstep. Events provide a platform for researchers to share their stories, and also provide audiences with an opportunity to ask their questions about science to those directly behind it.

“It’s wonderful to see how a simple idea between a few friends has captured people’s imagination and propelled scientific research into the spotlight,” says co-founder Dr. Praveen Paul. “We should all have the opportunity to wonder and discover the scope of the research being done here in the UK. None of this would be possible without our enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers who work hard to bring you a program full of inspiring events, encouraging us all to be curious. The only difficulty is choosing which One of the great events to go to!

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