Defense grills Stormy Daniels on hush money acceptance motives

Stormy Daniels’ attorney says she did an “excellent job” testifying

Clark Brewster, the attorney now representing Daniels, praised her testimony in a statement to NBC News.

“I think she was directly responsive and transparent, and she did an excellent job of responding directly, simply and comprehensively, and I’m proud of the way she conducted herself on stage with kindness and responsiveness,” Brewster said.

“She’s shaken by the adversity and the social media and the attacks and the toxicity she’s exposed to on a daily basis, and she’s definitely always worried about her safety. Both sides saw how brilliant she was and I’ll tell you I thought she was amazing in her ability to relate facts.”

The court breaks for lunch

The jury was sent to lunch, but attorneys remained in the courtroom to discuss legal motions.

Merchan then said he would send the jury home at 4pm and allow the lawyers to discuss it after that.

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer says he “couldn’t be more proud” of her in a post on X

Rebecca ChabadLocated in Washington, DC

Stormy Daniels’ attorney, Clark Brewster, posted a photo with her on Channel X, saying she was on the stand at Trump’s trial for a day and a half, ending at 12:30 PM ET today.

“I couldn’t be prouder of my client,” he said.

Keith Schiller can testify after being mentioned by several witnesses

It seems increasingly likely for this former prosecutor that Keith Schiller, the former director of Oval Office Operations in the Trump White House, will be a witness. Not only were David Pecker and Stormy Daniels discussing it, but former Trump aide Hope Hicks and longtime Trump Organization official Jeffrey McCone were also asked about Schiller’s job and his relationship with Trump.

The former aide says she will send the checks to the White House via FedEx

Adam Rees And Summer Concepcion

Prosecutor Becky Mangold asked Manuccio if Trump got a new job in 2017, prompting the witness to say he did.

Mangold asked if he should move for the job, and Manocchio replied, “Yes.”

“And what is that job?” – asked Mangold.

“President of the United States,” Manuccio said.

Prosecutors call former assistant CFO of Trump Org


Rebecca ChabadLocated in Washington, DC

Prosecutors have called Rebecca Manuccio, Allen Weisselberg’s former aide at the Trump Organization, as the next witness. She is being questioned by Becky Mangold, who has largely questioned detained or minor witnesses.

Stormy Daniels has finished testifying

Alexandra MarquezIt is headquartered in Washington, DC

Stormy Daniels has finished testifying. Her final question was about Trump calling her “horse-faced” and “malicious.”

Stormy Daniels says telling the truth about Trump was a negative

Rebecca ChabadLocated in Washington, DC
Adam Rees And Rebecca Chabad

Attorney General Susan Hoffinger asked Stormy Daniels whether telling the truth about Trump was a positive or negative.

The defense team objected, but the judge overruled this.

“Negative,” Daniels said.

Stormy Daniels testifies that she did not appear before the grand jury

In response to a question from Hofinger, the prosecuting attorney, Daniels asserted that she did not testify before the grand jury in this case and therefore could not be held liable for the charges. The defense had previously asked Daniels whether she felt responsible for the charges.

“You had nothing to do with the charges in this case initially, did you?” – asked Hofinger.

“I didn’t,” Daniels replied.

Analysis: The prosecutor appears to be rehabilitating Daniels at first

Prosecutor Susan Hoffinger is rehabilitating Stormy Daniels, at least initially, by showing how Trump lawyer Susan Nichols showed Daniels incomplete copies of various documents, including texts between her former agent Gina Rodriguez and former National Enquirer editor Dylan Howard and an InTouch article, Which contains a disclaimer that it has been “lightly edited”.

Hoffinger also showed two tweets that were either vaguely threatening or just incredibly mean. Daniels says she was aware on August 4, 2023, that Trump’s catchphrase, “If you go after me, I’m coming after you!” The tweet was issued and was perceived to be directed at her because he sent it shortly after he filed a lawsuit against her in Florida to collect legal fees owed to him.

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