Squeegee kids, weird Baltimore politics, and a baby hornbill

No one asked me, but Baltimore residents who complain week after week about mop kits might want to look around. Boys and young men cleaning car windshields at busy intersections are no longer as visible as they once were, largely due to the work of… Cooperative mopcalled for by Mayor Brandon Scott, to keep mop men off the streets, working or going back to school.

Matthew Cooper, whose friends in West Baltimore included squeegee men, joined the cooperative and produced a 26-minute film about the effort. He believed the public could benefit from “understanding the misunderstood,” which was the subtitle of his documentary “Squeegee Kids.” Although his documentary arrives long after the tragic climax of the mop controversy, I admire what Cooper decided to do. He belongs to the camp of people who got involved rather than just complaining or just listening to the hype.

Cooper’s documentary follows teenager Corey Thompson, as he explains why he sometimes picks up a squeegee and a spray bottle to help his mother and siblings with household expenses. “I consider myself the man of the house,” he says at 13 years old. Although the film offers some of the harsher opinions we’ve heard about mop crews, it’s made with real empathy, something that a lot of people unfortunately lack. Areas of life.

As the years go by, it’s easy to tire of the long, sad story of generational poverty and become less sympathetic to those who struggle. You have to push yourself to understanding and awareness. Cooper’s film helps in this way. there Shown on Thursday, May 23 7 p.m. at the Senator Theater. -s-

No one asked me, however Governor Wes Moore’s decision Praising Scott but not endorsing the mayor’s re-election was very strange.

What’s even stranger is Baltimore Mayor Sam Coggin’s endorsement of Sheila Dixon for mayor due to disagreements with Scott. “I feel like I’m not getting anything out of it [Scott] “It’s the eating bear,” said Kōjin. “So when the bear comes to eat you, you don’t play dead for that bear, you fight that bear. And that’s kind of like how I am now.

Who knew Baltimore had a sheriff in Zane? Very pleasant.

No one asked me, but the only thing more nightmarish than his campaign ads is Robin Ficker, the disbarred attorney and perennial candidate, who actually won the election.

Ficker’s “border crisis” point appears to be repeated as frequently as that of his leading rival in the Republican Senate primary, Larry Hogan. The former governor of Maryland deserves special thanks. His “Border Crisis” commercial — with Larry the Loman wearing a flak jacket, baseball cap and sunglasses as he patrols the Rio Grande — provides the perfect comic relief to counter Ficker’s dystopian nightmare.

No one asked me, but it appears that a Fox owned-and-operated television station in Washington has resorted to exaggeration to make a Democratic politician look bad. There is a shock for you! Senate candidate David Trone clearly wasn’t happy with the way the FOX 5 reporter focused on it Confirm you can see That the American criminal justice system is “systemically racist.” Trone used those two words last week in the second part of a 120-word thread about X. He said the system “doesn’t work for everyone, and things like increased police presence don’t make everyone feel safer.” the law.” Commenters on X immediately attacked Trone for wanting to “defund the police.” Of course, this is the typical reaction when someone suggests, as Trane did, that there are complex problems at the roots of crime — mental illness, poverty, drug addiction — that more police won’t solve. Tron should know that. He should know that bringing up racism upsets people who think they live in a post-racial America. He should also know that FOX thrives on, and sometimes stirs up, controversy.

However, when confronted after a speech at a Rockville synagogue, Trone accused a FOX 5 reporter of ignoring the context of his comments when They were reported for the first time. It was caught on camera, and the story appeared under this headline: “Rep. David Trone exploded on FOX 5 when asked about his social media posts.

please. It barely “exploded” you can see. I would say that he objected strongly to the lack of context in the news report, and I would also say that if he expected context, he expected a lot. The only person who could have provided on-camera context for his plausible thoughts on the crime was David Trone, and he should have at least tried.

No one asked me, but Anthony Santander is one of the most underrated players in Major League Baseball.

No one asked me, but it’s great that Hood College is starting a Division III women’s ice hockey team. The Blazers will compete in United Collegiate Hockey Conference, starting in the fall, and play their home games at Skate Frederick Rink. Hood will be Maryland’s second-team women’s NCAA selection. Stevenson University women also compete in the UCHC. They play at the Reisterstown Sportsplex.

No one asked me, but spring is a particularly good time to visit during the weekdays Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. I give three reasons: Druid Hill Park, where the zoo is located, looks great; You can see ground hornbills and their new baby — their first in 10 years; And because it’s a joy to watch young children on field trips react to seeing exotic animals for the first time.

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