Where to Go After Firecracker

The Firecracker is the first item that players will collect Animal well, and makes it possible to access completely new areas. However, some fans may be confused about where to go after obtaining the item. These walkthroughs are here to alleviate that confusion, and will direct players to the Bubble Wand, another useful item Animal well.

While these instructions will lead players to the Bubble Wand, they can continue with the disc immediately after collecting the Firecrackers if that is their preference.


PS Plus Extra and Premium Day One May 2024 game with Animal Well walkthrough

Animal Well is a PS Plus Extra and Premium one-day game for May 2024, and the game is deceptively dense – it’s just not what you see is what you get.

Animal Well: After the fireworks walkthrough

Go to the statue room

After storing the fireworks, players must go down through the hole on the left side of the room and then move to the right. Players will now find themselves in a room with a hostile blue face, which they can hide using a firecracker. Members Independent video games He will then be free to climb the platforms on the right side and exit the room near the upper right corner.

Players will now make a short climb, and must save using the phone in the room above. Once you’re saved, fans Puzzle video games They must make their way to the right to reach a room with another hostile face. Players must tackle this face by deploying a firecracker and then use the nearby forearm to raise the platform, making it possible to climb the ladder on the right side of the room.

At the top of the ladder, players must make their way to the lower left corner of the room to reach a secret path that leads to the top of a small block in the room they just came up from. Fans can jump to the ledge slightly to the right of that block to reach a chest containing the Exquisite Egg, and must climb the ladder again once they’ve collected the item.

Players must now exit the room on the right, grab the map from the chest, and use the ladder at the top to exit the room. Members Video games with pixel graphics They are now in the statue room, and must use the phone to perform one more rescue before exiting to the left.

From the statue room to the bubble wand

Fans must now continue left until they reach a room with a chest and a series of keys. Here are the steps players can follow to access the chest, where they will find a match:

  1. Use the lower right platform to reach the switch on the right and flip it.
  2. Jump across the platforms to the switch on the left and flip it.
  3. Use the platforms to reach the switch at the top and flip it.
  4. Jump down to the chest.

After collecting the match, players must exit the room through the hole in the bottom-left corner and head left until they reach a room with an active fountain. To remove the barrier in that room, fans Puzzle platformer It should send water drops into the column on the left. To perform this action, players will need to use the levers in the room to angle the adjustable platforms appropriately, and the image above shows the configuration that works.

Players must now exit through the hole in the upper-left corner to reach a room full of bubbles. Here, fans must ride the bubbles on the left to the room below. Players must then jump to the ledge in the lower left corner of the room and use a secret passage on the left wall to find a chest containing the Regular Egg.

After collecting the regular egg, players must continue left and use bubbles to reach the ladder located in the upper left corner of the room. Members Metroidvanias You must then climb this ladder and step on the green button at the top to activate several whale lovers. Players can use the air stream generated by these fans to press the four buttons at the top of the room, allowing them to exit through the upper-left corner.

Players must now continue left until they reach the phone they must use to make the save. Fans must then go down the stairs to the left of the phone, exit the room they enter to the right, and then go down the stairs in the bottom right corner of the next room.

Players will now find themselves in a room with a series of platforms, three buttons, and a seahorse. To treat this room, fans 2D video games They must position themselves so that the seahorse creates bubbles that can be used to reach the buttons. Once the three buttons are pressed, players must use the seahorse bubbles to exit the room via the upper-left corner, and they will find the bubble wand in a chest in the next room.

Animal well

Animal well
PS5 , Computer Nintendo Switch

May 9, 2024

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