Billionaire bully Katherine Asplundh’s new in-laws have $95M history of exploiting undocumented workers

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Billionaire Asplundh’s family in Pennsylvania was dragged into a bullying scandal after their new daughter-in-law tried to force another woman to give up her Instagram account, and now it has emerged that they were once fined $95 million for hiring undocumented workers.

According to 2017 Press release from US Immigration and Customs EnforcementAsplundh Tree Experts, now worth $5 billion, pleaded guilty to hiring workers it knew were using false identification papers and was fined.

The total of $95 million still holds the record for the largest immigration ruling in history. MBR

Senior managers “deliberately remained blind while lower-level managers hired and rehired employees they knew were not qualified to work in the United States,” according to the statement.

The company paid $80 million in criminal forfeitures and $15 million in civil payments. The total of $95 million still holds the record for the largest immigration ruling in history.

The family name came under the microscope again this week when Katherine Driscoll Asplund — who married Cabot Asplund on April 27 — tried to bully a user with the name Katherine Asplund into signing over the rights to her Instagram account.

According to screenshots of the conversation Posted on NYCInfluencesnark sub RedditKatherine Asplund started the new one with a sweet message.

Katherine went back and forth on Instagram. Instagram
The family is now reportedly worth an estimated $5 billion. Christopher Sadowski

“Hi, just wondering if I could buy your username from you,” the newlywed wrote. “I just got married and this is my new name.”

The other Katherine Asplund politely declined.

“Hey congratulations! That’s my name too,” she wrote. “I just Googled it and it told me that selling my username will get me banned from Instagram.”

Katherine Asplund (right) pictured with her husband Cabot Asplund (left). @katherinedrisk/Instagram

From there, things deteriorated between the Katherine Asplunds.

The billionaire’s wife replied: “You have purchased my username in the past, which is actually not true.” “Celebrities do it all the time, and that’s how they all use their full names. Very strange, I didn’t know there was another Asplundh family.” [sic]. “There is no Katherine Asplund in our family.”

When she received no response, the billionaire wife pointed out that the other Katherine was not very active on Instagram and therefore should change her name to accommodate her.

The other Catherine then told the billionaire’s wife that the account was a “Finsta” or fake Instagram that she used for private stories and archiving photos, and that her main account used her maiden name.

An angry Driscoll-Asplund argued that the other woman’s name was not in fact Katherine Asplund, and that she would be reported.

Catherine deleted her Instagram account after the woman posted screenshots of their conversation. StringSilly2839/reddit

“Actually, I don’t think your name is Katherine Asplund, who’s going to make their finsta name your real name? I reported you on Instagram and they’re actually able to tell me your real name, and I really hope I don’t know you because that would be very embarrassing for you.”

Driscoll Asplund then asked to see documents proving that the other woman was not lying about her name.

After the other woman posted screenshots of the newlyweds She deleted her Instagram account.

The new bride’s parents own Asplundh Tree Expert Co. In Pennsylvania, it is the 109th largest private company in America with revenues of $5.42 billion in 2023. According to Forbes.

Matt Asplund, Katherine’s new father-in-law, has been CEO of the family business since 2021.

It’s unclear when or if Driscoll-Asplundh will return to Instagram.

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