China Spring student to compete at the International Science Fair

David Martinez will be the first Cougar to compete in the prestigious show.

CHINA SPRING, Texas – This is the time of year for graduations, celebrations and, of course, sports playoffs. It is also when the International Science and Engineering Fair is held (ISEF) It is happening.

It is simply the largest science fair in the country. And for China Spring sophomore David Martinez, next week will be a great opportunity to take his ideas and work to the big stage!

David Martinez’s mother, Amber Martinez, told Channel 6 News: “He was always an old soul. Even when he was very young, he was an old man!”

Well, this “old man” is about to turn 16, and after spending a little time with him, you start to wonder why he’s not running your company. Who wouldn’t be excited?

David Martinez told us, “It’s like you know the Superbowl, the World Cup, and I want to call it the biggest pre-college STEM competition. So, I’m excited and a little nervous. I want to go and meet everyone.” “

His mom explained to us what David says he is about a good kid, “He’s a special kid, he really is. He plays a lot of varsity sports, he’s involved in school, he’s in the honor society, I mean the list goes on. His dad and I joke around, we’re just trying to keep going.”

David’s science project, which he had to qualify for and place him among the country’s elite, is about plastic recycling

David told us what he hopes to achieve next week: “The ultimate goal is to win. Not only do I really want to be the number one contender at China Spring, I also want to be the number one winner and I want to go and show what I think we’re really capable of.”

David is no stranger to winning competitions, having had great success since eighth grade at the state science fair.

“At ISEF, the standards are higher, the boundaries are higher because not only will I be judged by over 20 judges that day, from almost 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., but on top of that, they all They all have doctorates or equivalent levels of education, they all have six years of experience, and they are all there on their own.”

David will be the first China Spring student to appear in the national competitions, which is a huge accomplishment!

David’s mom and dad are very proud, but they also want him to enjoy the trip. They told 6 News, “The experience alone is an amazing experience for him. And so, I hope he can have a good time, enjoy the experience, and I hope he learns something along the way. I want him to reach whatever goals he sets. And I know he can “He has very big goals.”

To learn more about the ISEF exhibition, Visit here.

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