How To Get Past The Ostrich In Animal Well

Are you struggling to get past the ostrich leader in the animal well? If so, this guide outlines the steps players must follow to do so.

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Animal well It is a platform game that puts a lot of things in it Focus on solving the puzzle It contains a lot of content for those who love exploration. It’s the type of game that players can spend hours in without even realizing it, and it has a lot to offer both veteran players and newcomers to the genre.



Animal Well: How to Beat the Chameleon Boss

Those who are having difficulty knowing how to beat the Chameleon boss in Animal Well should find this guide very useful.

Animal well It features a group of bosses that players must “beat” in order to progress. There is no direct combat in the game, so boss fights are mostly complex puzzles where a wild animal tries to kill the player. The Ostrich is one of the first bosses players will encounter, but he is no less dangerous because of it. For those who hope so Defeat the ostrich in Animal wellThis guide will explain how to do this.

How to get to the ostrich in the animal well

environment Animal well It’s well thought out and has a lot of subtle details that make it impressive in hindsight. When the leader is close, the background begins to show his statues and murals. These artifacts are great for revealing lore, but they also serve as an indicator for the player to make preparations for an upcoming boss battle. Here’s how players can Up to the ostrich:

Location of the ostrich map in the animal well

  • Find the ostrich in Animal well Easier said than done. In loose terms, the ostrich is found in the middle right side of the map. More specifically, players will need to go up one room, cross the next room to the right, go up two more rooms, cross two more rooms to the right, then go down two rooms to reach the main room leading to the Ostrich.
  • Once in the room containing the ladder below the ostrich statue, players can rescue by going to the phone inside the room on the left.
  • After saving, go down the stairs into the main room, and players will find themselves in a fairly simple puzzle section.

Be careful of the spikes in this room, and don’t worry about the ghost mouse. He will pass through the character as his eyes flash.

The room in front of the ostrich in the animal well

  • Once the door is opened, the player will enter a room with a locked door. Just before the pillar, they’ll find a path leading down. Follow it to reach Yellow button This will open said door, allowing them to access the ostrich in the next room.

The path leading upstairs will lead players to the large room with a bright rabbit mural.


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How to bypass an ostrich in an animal well

Defeating the Ostrich isn’t the easiest thing, but it’s not very difficult either. Once players become familiar with the mechanics of… Animal well, it becomes much easier to complete this mission and get past the boss. Here’s everything players need to do:

  • After entering the boss room, go down the first chute in the floor and move left. Once the platform is over, drop down and move to the right to reach the first yellow button.
  • Wait for the ostrich to retract its head, then jump back into the main room.
  • Skip the second chute, and head down the third. From there, go left until you reach the second yellow button. Players can then exit through the hole above them or use the method they first entered.

The ostrich’s head is very long. If the players are in trouble, they must go as far as possible from the hole that the ostrich is looking into.

  • The last two yellow buttons can be found in the last chute. Players must maintain as much distance from the ostrich as possible before entering the final hole.
  • Drop down the final chute, and climb up the small ledge on the right. Jump from ledge to ledge to reach the platform with the third yellow button. Click on it and then head down.

The last chute only has one entrance, so it’s a bit difficult to avoid ostrich attacks. However, the far ends of the room are safe from the ostrich’s reach
Players can use fireworks
To scare the head away for a few seconds.

  • Head to the left side of the small room, and go down the hole you first came from.
  • Jump up and right to reach the final button that will open the door.

After opening the door, players can simply leave the room. there There is no way to kill an ostrich completely; Players can just ignore it and keep moving. Be sure to save after opening the doors behind the ostrich. If a player dies before saving, they will be reset to the last time they saved, erasing all achievements they earned along the way.

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