Mini loaf cakes steal the show at Pookie Crack Cakes in Bronzeville – NBC Chicago

A Bronzeville donut shop is creating a buzz, regularly creating long lines before it opens.

It was a pandemic project that forced the owner to scale back the size of her Bundt cakes, and now they’re out the door the day they’re made.

Bundt cakes are very large, and during the pandemic, people wanted convenience, but not too many cakes at once. So tweaking the recipe and the pans it was baked in made a big difference for one entrepreneur, who is now ready to bake hundreds of cakes a day.

If you want one of the cakes, you better stick to the rules.

Simmons’ great grandmother from Louisiana used to make her “crack” cakes when she was a child, and that’s how Pookie Crack Cakes was born. Brick and mortar store on 47thy The street is less than a year old.

“When a Bundt cake is shaped, it forms cracks in the top as it bakes. All you’re doing is poking holes in that cake. Traditionally, you pour your rum glaze into the cracks and holes of that cake.”

But Simmons realized during the pandemic that whole cakes were too big, so she and her husband, Doug, began experimenting with smaller cakes.

“During the pandemic, I started making mini loaves. “My signature cake is a butter pecan dessert,” she said.

It now offers up to eight or nine flavors daily, with options like caramel, strawberry lemonade, red velvet, and Oreo; The latter of which gets whipped cream topped with a trio of Oreos. On the day of our visit, it was peach cobbler day, which is probably why we were seeing people showing up after 10am to get a number. This tells them where they will be in line later, when the doors open at 11.

“We cut a little bit off the top so we can put our delicious peaches and cobbler sauce on top,” Simmons said.

On an average day, they’ll sell between 550 and 600 cakes, thanks to word of mouth and social media. That’s a lot of sugar and butter. As for that unique brand name?

“Pookie is just a cute nickname you give to someone you care about and love,” she said.

To get a cake, it’s best to come around 10am to get a number that will allow you to come back when the line starts forming at 10:55am. If you don’t stick to this rule, you probably won’t go get cake. And if you go in, be sure to try the original version – the butter pecan fudge.

Here’s where you can go:

Pocky crack cakes

105 AH 47y street.

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