Critically-Acclaimed Game Published by Dunkey is Currently One of Steam’s Top-Selling Games


  • Animal Well, the first release from Dunkey’s Bigmode publishing label, is a bestseller on Steam just one day after its release.
  • The game received praise from players and critics for its quality, secrets, and Metroidvania elements.
  • Popular YouTuber Dunkey has long supported indie games, and that focus seems to be paying off with the success of Animal Well.

Animal well It is one of the best-selling games on Steam after one day of its release. On September 21, 2022, popular internet personality Jason Gastrow, also known as Donkey, announced that he was co-founding a video game publishing company called Bigmode with his wife, streamer and YouTuber Leahbee. Many reacted with cautious optimism, waiting for a proof of concept, and this optimism grew when Bigmode was first released, Animal wellwas finally shown.

When Dunkey first announced his company, he stated that throughout his career, he had always viewed indie games as a bastion of quality and hope for the community. On his YouTube channel, Dunkey has strived to stress the importance of indie games, with releases such as Enter the ganjun And White neon As examples of games that he believes deserve his audience’s attention. Like games Abyss 2 Access New Player Milestones on SteamAnd Animal well Releases to positive reviews, Dunkey’s proposition to keep an eye on the indie games scene is becoming clearer.


Animal Well: How to unlock fast travel

Fast travel in Animal Well is handled a little differently than it is in other Metroidvanias. This is evidence of how it works.

Animal well It is currently one of the best sellers on Steam, with a very positive rating based on over 1,500 user reviews. Animal well It received a very warm reception from critics and players who enjoy digging into secrets and quirks in the Metroidvania genre. the The Day-one PS Plus Extra Edition is already one of the highest-rated games of the yearcurrently sitting below Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth in Metacritic’s Best Games of 2024. Dunkey’s colleagues such as popular YouTuber and critic Arlo have pointed out Animal well “As good as video games get.” Fans of Dunkey’s YouTube videos have been excited to see the game’s rapid success.

Animal Well climbs to the top of sales on Steam

Animal well Looks like he’s joined the ranks Best pixel art games. Reviewers and players alike noted the game’s stunning visual design, although this does not appear to be the game’s most attractive feature. Players have talked about how Animal well It’s simply a well-made game that lives up to Dunkey’s promise to “publish some of the best games out there.”

The game’s sole developer, Billy Basso of Shared Memory, worked on the game for about seven years, and many players believe that the time spent working shows in the game’s final product. Animal well. As players make their way through, they stressed the importance of learning the details and not spoiling the experience. Some who play and need help along the way are stuck figuring out the difficult parts e.g How to beat the chameleon boss in Animal well. Fans praised the platforming mechanics and atmosphere surrounding it Animal well Demos, and some players are simply surprised that it’s only 34MB as detailed as it looks. Overall, many enjoy the shared memory and first outing of Bigmode.

Animal well

Animal well

PS5 , Computer Nintendo Switch

May 9, 2024

Shared memories

Big situation

Metroidvania, puzzle

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