Looking at Northern Lights in KY/IN? Here’s the science behind the magic

Looking for the Northern Lights in KY/IN? This is the science behind magic

We had a few intermittent rain showers this morning, something many of you have seen and by the way, we love it when you send in your photos. It was so much fun looking at the northern lights. This is from Brittany in Goshen, Kentucky, and you can see the gorgeous shades of purple they saw in the sky. Also showing from Elizabethtown. Really, this was as far south as Lexington, Indiana, and also to LaGrange, Kentucky. It was part of a solar storm and it’s somewhat unusual, certainly, for us to be able to see the northern lights this far south. This was a huge solar storm and it was strong and stronger than usual. This is why we see the northern lights during the night hours. At least in some locations. We love seeing your photos.

Looking for the Northern Lights in KY/IN? This is the science behind magic

Many people across our area put on an exciting show on Friday night. Many viewers shared their view on the northern lights appearing more southerly than usual.

I wonder how this phenomenon develops? Here is some information about the science behind magic.


How do the northern lights happen?

Occasionally, the Sun will emit more charged particles than usual.


Solar storm

During a solar storm, these highly charged particles can reach Earth’s poles.



Charged particles from the Sun collide with oxygen and nitrogen in the Earth’s atmosphere.



Oxygen and nitrogen interact with the particles, emitting different colors of light in the spectrum.

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