The Latest Loft Try On Haul For May – 50 IS NOT OLD

Woohoo! It’s Saturday, and I’ll make another attempt for you today. I “try” to do the transfer every Saturday. There will probably be times when it doesn’t happen, but I’ll worry about that when the time comes. Right now, I’m making the latest attempt at Loft delivery for May 2024. I noticed they’re going for 40% off.

Latest upstairs trial in May 2024

The latest upstairs experience with one pair of jeans

I love this super cute casual outfit! I don’t know about you, but I dress casually most of the time. Even though I dress casually, I still want to look stylish.

I’m always looking for a t-shirt with a cute graphic. You would think they would be easy to find, but I either don’t like the material, the say, or the fit. Because I’m very picky, I don’t have a lot of graphic t-shirts. I left the store without this t-shirt, but now I regret it. But I know how to fix it, and I’m doing it now!

Today is your lucky day if you’re looking for soft, streamlined, semi-lightweight wide leg jeans. These Palazzo jeans fit great, and the rope drawstring is a nice detail. These shoes have a nautical vibe that would be great to wear to a Memorial Day cookout.

Here’s another cute and comfy casual outfit.

This sweatshirt is very comfortable and semi-lightweight. Even in summer, I’m always cold, so I look for lightweight or long-sleeved tops to keep me warm. This is one of the best things I’ve found recently; The medium was spacious.

When I wear light-colored jeans, I usually wear something light, white, or dark. I paired it with a white t-shirt and a sweatshirt, here’s how it looks when paired with a dark t-shirt.

This mesh jacket is sheer, so I wear a black shirt underneath. I couldn’t find a navy blue shirt in my size, and black worked well. I liked the turquoise and white with the navy, it was a nice detail.

This is how I wear palazzo jeans with a sophisticated casual look. I tucked the garter into my jeans and put on an untucked black cami.

Adding a jacket to anything elevates the look. I think this navy blue and white striped sweater is adorable. Can you see the details of the lines? They look like a seamstress. I wear a size 8, but wanted to get a size 10, which is what I usually wear.

The latest upstairs experiment with shorts

How’s that for a bright and colorful summer outfit? Cobalt blue is one of my favorite colors, probably because I have blue eyes.

This knit sweater reminds me of something I wore when I was younger. Am I the only one or does this remind you of something you used to wear in the 70’s? I love the look of the jacket, but I had a hard time pulling it over my big head. very funny! I’m surprised that my hair survived the pulling.

I know a lot of you prefer long pants, and they are very long. Plus, the linen blend is great for summer. These shorts can be dressed up or down and are something I would wear to a summer get together. If you like shorts but the cobalt color is too bright, Here is the electronic link For more options.

The latest upstairs experience with dresses

Stores are filled with red, white and blue clothing, as Memorial Day is coming soon. This is the first thing I thought of when I saw this dress. It will also look great yachting around on a sunny afternoon. I would probably add a denim jacket, blazer, or cardigan with the dress because I’m always cold.

Here is the back view.

This structured dress is adorable! I love the classic navy blue and white color combination. The linea alba is located in the perfect place because it is the thinnest area of ​​our body. It then gradually flows away from the body, creating a flattering silhouette. Plus, the dress has pockets!!!

I hope you enjoy my latest Loft experience! They had such cute items, but I didn’t get to try everything.

Latest Upstairs Experience – More Choices

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The Latest Loft Try On Haul For May - 50 IS NOT OLDThe Latest Loft Try On Haul For May - 50 IS NOT OLD

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