From sports teams to television networks to KTLA viewers, tributes continue to pour in for Sam Rubin 

Greeting for Sam Robin They continue to stream from all over America and the world.

Honoring Rubin’s legacy from Washington, D.C. on Saturday was Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff, who I took to X To express his condolences.

“Sam Rubin was a beloved icon… Both on and off camera, Sam always treated others with kindness and respect,” he said. “His work touched the lives of everyone in the entertainment industry, and his legacy will live on. Vice President Harris and I join the Los Angeles community in honoring his life and mourning his passing.”

On the other side of the pond, the British television program “This Morning” paid tribute to the life and legacy of Robin, who served as the show’s Hollywood correspondent.

“Sam was an entertainment reporter and Emmy Award-winning host of Los Angeles’ #1 morning show on KTLA and airs live on This Morning,” the show said. he said on Instagram. “He awakened Tinseltown every day for decades with his lovable charm and vast experience in the movie world, bonding with the stars and becoming affectionately known as ‘Hollywood Sam.’ He will be missed.”

This Morning’s tribute to Robin will air on Monday.

On the complete other side of the planet, Australian morning news program Today honored Robin, who was also an entertainment reporter on Down Under.

Legendary KTLA entertainment reporter Sam Rubin.  (blocks)
Legendary KTLA entertainment reporter Sam Rubin. (blocks)

Actress Viola Davis – one of three artists to receive the Triple Crown of Acting and EGOT – to publish video for Frank Buckley tearfully announces Robin’s death on air With the comment: “Your professionalism is unparalleled by your kindness and humanity. I will miss having you on the red carpet. May God bless your loved ones. Good luck.

At the end of Netflix Is A Joke Fest, comedian John Mulaney thanked several individuals for their contributions to the comedy festival before concluding by honoring Robin.

“From the City of Angels, a special farewell in Los Angeles for Mr. Sam Rubin,” Mulaney said.

Los Angeles sports teams also honored Rubin’s legacy and impact on the city, including the Los Angeles Angels, whose announcer addressed the sad news on air during the Angels’ 9-3 win over the Kansas City Royals on Saturday.

“Sad news in SoCal yesterday with the passing of Sam Rubin…[he was] “A legend at KTLA,” he said. “I saw him for several years at Tempe for Angels spring training games.”

The LA Galaxy also honored Robben with a custom jersey in their team photo ahead of Saturday night’s match against Real Salt Lake.

“LA Galaxy mourns the loss of highly respected KTLA 5 news anchor, Sam Rubin,” the club said in a statement. Posted on Instagram.

From sports teams to television networks to KTLA viewers, tributes continue to pour in for Sam Rubin 
LA Galaxy honored Sam Robben with a custom jersey in their team photo ahead of the match against Real Salt Lake. (Instagram/@lagalaxy)

Perhaps the most poignant tributes are the voicemails and email notes left by KTLA viewers.

“I’ve been watching for years, and a year ago, I was in the hospital waiting to have hip surgery [when] “My blood pressure has skyrocketed,” a viewer named Carrie said by phone. “I turned on my morning news at the hospital and Sam Rubin was working and I started laughing and my blood pressure immediately went back to normal… My family is also mourning the loss of Sam Rubin.”

“Sam Rubin meant a lot to us here in my family,” another viewer said in a voicemail message. “I know Sam is there to entertain the people who left us here in Hollywood…I love you, Sam.”

“I’m in tears watching you guys on TV right now…Sam was by far one of the best in his class,” one viewer emailed KTLA. “I cry and I feel your guys pain because I feel like I know him on a deeper level… by far, Sam Rubin is a legend… on the level of Kobe Bryant.”

“I watch your morning show with teary eyes and a lump in my heart,” another viewer named Jane said in an email. “He was a force of nature and never disappointed with his interviews and commentary on celebrities and films. I loved that he was so obsessed with food and that he was a wonderful father… I had the good fortune of meeting Sam about 25 to 30 years ago when he looked at a house I listed him in Pacific Palisades…I was surprised when he walked in and looked so short, but he was larger than life and all those who felt they knew him but never met him will always remember him with a smile in their hearts.

One man even named his fish “Sam” and “Robin” in honor of the late entertainment reporting icon.

Robin’s family has not yet announced funeral arrangements.

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