How to Unlock the SNEAK Trophy / Achievement in Animal Well

Although its main story may be A little on the short sideThere’s a ridiculous amount of side activities and secrets crammed into Billy Basso Animal well. Most of this additional content can be tackled at any time after completing the main story, but there is one missing trophy/achievement that players should be aware of.


Animal Well: How to unlock fast travel

Fast travel in Animal Well is handled a little differently than it is in other Metroidvanias. This is evidence of how it works.

To unlock the SNEAK Cup, Animal well Players will need to sneak up on the squirrel and steal his nuts. Unfortunately, there are only a few opportunities to do this, making it very easy to miss. The good news is that the first of these opportunities comes after just a few minutes of regular play, meaning players can simply start a new save file if necessary.

HOW TO UNLOCK SNEAK Trophy/Achievement in Animal Well


The first chance players get to unlock the SNEAK Cup comes very early. This bodes well, as it means that anyone who missed unlocking it during the first playthrough won’t have to replay large chunks of the game to get it. Like many Classic 90s games Which seems to have inspired him, Animal well It gives players three save files, meaning players will be able to start a new game from the main menu without having to lose any progress they’ve made.

Animal Statues-Sneak-Well-Trophy-Save-Animals

When starting a new game, players must go through the opening section as usual; Collect firecrackers and use them to Get past the first ghost. Once they reach the area with the four animal statues, they may want to consider using the phone to their left to save the game, as if they mis-open the SNEAK achievement, they can simply reload and try again. Either way, when they’re ready to do that, they’ll want to exit this screen to the right


In the next area, players must climb the ladder leading to the area containing… Animal wellChameleon head Then keep heading right until they reach a room with a chest. To get to this chest, they will need to jump to the upper right corner of the screen and then drop down to a platform with a chinchilla on it. They can then lead this chinchilla to the left and use it to reach the platform with its chest on it.

The animal well sneaks the cup open the door

Inside the chest players will find a key that they can use to open the door in the upper left corner of the area to their left. After climbing across the platforms with the hedgehogs on them, players must open the door and then gingerly make their way to the next screen. Some guides recommend gently tapping the directional pad here, but this is arguably much easier to do Use the analog stick with the slightest degree of tilt.


Upon entering the next screen, players will find a squirrel facing the other direction, and once they get close enough, they will get a button prompting them to take the squirrel’s nut. Doing so will temporarily increase the playable character’s health and unlock the SNEAK trophy/achievement as well. If players move too quickly and spook the squirrel before they get the capture command, they can just reload their save from near the animal statues and try again until they succeed.

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May 9, 2024

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