New Horizons Player Finds Bizarre Way to Pitfall Themselves


  • Players can use pitfalls in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to create fun moments for themselves and others.
  • A unique way to use the chutes involves pole vaulting across the river and falling into strategically placed holes.

that Animal Crossing: New Horizons The player found a strange way to catch himself after crossing the river. Pitfalls have been used in the series since the beginning, but this Animal Crossing: New Horizons The clip highlights the unique possibility.

since the first Animal crossing Game On the GameCube, players can dig holes and leave Pitfall Seeds behind for unsuspecting villagers. In addition to messing with the villagers, players can also use these objects on each other to inspire surprising reactions. This is a theme that has been maintained throughout every title in the series, with Pitfalls leading to some fun Animal Crossing: New Horizons Moments. Sometimes players dig holes that they intend to return with fruits or items in the future. One player has found a unique way to use these holes against any visitor who may not be aware of a key possibility.


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Reddit user Olive-Pearl recently shared a clip highlighting Custom Animal Crossing: New Horizons villager Pole vault into a hole. The clip begins with the player holding a jumping pole between a river and a cherry blossom tree. They then target four openings across the river and press the “A” button to jump across bodies of water. When their character reaches the ground, they plummet into the nearest pit, triggering a Pitfall Seed scrambling animation. Although the pit was empty when touched, the villager spends a moment floating above it as if he had stepped on an area marked by the pit’s seeds. They then move for a few seconds before emerging from the hole and standing on the newly formed ground.

Can other villagers fall into these pits?

Although this animation has always been possible, it is rare for players to stumble upon it by pole vaulting across a river. The animation of the villager landing in the hole appears to be related to Animal Crossing: New Horizons The seed of the dilemma. This is demonstrated by the character floating in place before falling, and the game of pressing small buttons required to escape the hole. Since other villagers may not fall into these holes in the absence of a jumping pole, the tool may be used in the same way by an unwitting visitor. The same problem can be observed by players climbing cliffs next to a hole or players jumping across narrow passages with holes at the other end.

While this pothole accident has since been possible new Horizons It has been released, and some players still have not encountered it. like Nintendo rarely updates Animal Crossing: New Horizons These animations may no longer be modified prior to the release of later versions of the game.

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