Westminster Girl’s Soccer looks to make school history

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Friends and family gathered in Westminster early Saturday morning to say goodbye to the girls soccer team. The girls headed to Macon to take on Frederica Academy as the Wildcats looked to bring home the program’s first state title.

Head coach Tucker Blackmon said his girls represent the definition of teamwork and teamwork. “We’ve had 13 different guys score for this team, which is a pretty wild statistic and I think it starts at the top and goes down, so we celebrate each other and they kind of said that tune,” Coach Blackmon says. “At the end of the day, in the equation, I don’t know how important I am because they’re an amazing group.” “The girls are as you can imagine extraordinarily unique. It takes a bad coach to destroy a team that great and so I knew they were going to be good, but what they’ve done for each other over the course of the year I’m kind of amazed.”

Team captain Lily Bryan said she is very excited for her first-ever state tournament experience. “I’ve never played in a state tournament before, so I can’t wait for this opportunity to go work hard together and hopefully make history for the school,” the senior captain says.

“We’re all there for each other, no matter what we’ve been through, at the end of the day we all have the same goal of helping each other,” Captain Cecilia Aitken agreed. “Not just on the football field, but in the locker room or in school, just like we’re there for each other, I feel like that, honestly, is the most important thing,” says the senior co-captain.

Co-captain Charlotte Batty says the team has elected captains, and she feels honored that they chose her as one of their leaders. “Knowing that the team he showed us was really special because it was also a new group of girls like a lot of people left the team and there are a lot of younger girls on his team, it’s also really special for us to get to This far together because it’s like brothers, we fight like sisters and we love like sisters, so it’s been great.

Co-captain Riley Roach says this whole experience has been life-changing and they have confidence they can pull off the win. “At the beginning of the season, our coach talked a lot about the possibility of us going to this level and he was saying ‘You are all a great group of girls with a lot of strength,’ but just like every game we won in the playoffs, it felt more real,” says the senior captain. “.[it felt like] Oh my gosh, we can actually do this, so I’m really excited for today.

The team stuck together and worked hard but fell short against Frederica Academy, losing 1-0. Still a huge accomplishment, and a lot for the Wildcats to be proud of!

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