Democratic group launches $25 million ad blitz targeting Trump on abortion

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Former President Donald Trump attends a campaign rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin on April 2, 2024.


The Democratic Political Action Committee is launching a $25 million ad campaign in three swing states, featuring voter testimonials about former President Donald Trump’s role in limiting abortion access.

The American Bridge 21st Century ads represent the first wave of a larger planned $140 million campaign by the group to persuade swing voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to reject Trump’s bid to return to the White House. President Joe Biden flipped all three states in 2020.

The ads, which the group says will target female voters living in rural and suburban areas in the three states, represent the latest effort by Democrats to use emotional, direct, on-camera stories to influence voters. Election results Since the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022.

The group has recruited hundreds of voters “who are willing to share their stories about why another Trump White House would be so devastating to them,” said Bradley Peachuk, co-founder of American Bridge.

Trump’s nomination of three conservatives to the Supreme Court paved the way for the Dobbs decision striking down the federal right to abortion, which has emerged as one of the most controversial issues in politics. The Biden campaign sought this Make it the decisive issue For the 2024 elections.

While Trump said he was “the person proudly responsible” for the court’s decision, the former president said decisions about the limits of abortion should be left to the court. the states. He also declined to say how he would vote on a measure allowing abortion on the ballot this fall in Florida, where he lives.

In some cases, American Bridge ads place Trump’s words alongside those voters. in Onea Wisconsin woman named Anna—described as an obstetrician-gynecologist and mother of two—tearfully describes having to terminate a wanted pregnancy because the child she was carrying would not survive.

“This is not a decision made by any politician, including Donald Trump,” she says.

In another commercial, Lori – who worked as a nurse in central Pennsylvania – worries about Dobbs’ influence on her daughter and granddaughter.

“We are already moving backwards,” she says. “If we re-elect Trump, what then will women lose?”

American Bridge officials say the ads target four types of voters: moderates, those who swing between Democrats and Republicans, conservatives who dislike the hard-right rhetoric espoused by some Republicans, and a group they call “double skeptics,” which they define as voters who are not enthusiastic about Trump or Biden.

In all, the group has a budget of $200 million for its anti-Trump efforts in the 2024 election, including its previously announced budget. $140 million advertising campaign. Officials say another wave of testimonial-style ads will roll out this summer in these three battlegrounds.

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