How to Get the Bubble Wand in Animal Well

The Bubble Wand is a cool gadget with exciting action for blowing bubbles in real life and indoors Animal well. But unlike real life, Animal well Allows you to use the bubbles you create as fun platforms. Here’s how to insert the Bubble Wand Animal well.

Location of the animal well bubble wand

The Bubble Wand (or B. Wand) is located in the lower left quadrant of the Animal wella map. To get there, you’ll need to go to the far left of the three green penguin statues in the center of the map near the egg collection room. On your way, there will be a few rooms with some light puzzle solving, but otherwise it’s an unobtrusive path.

Once you reach a room with a Save Phone, go down the stairs and continue to the right. After a few screens, you should find another ladder. Get off it, and you’ll fall into a water-filled room where glowing green seahorses constantly spit at you. To exit this room, you will need to press the three switches on the ceiling and tap the seahorse bubbles to exit on the left side of the room. After you leave the seahorse room, you’ll be able to pick up the bubble wand.

Animal Well screenshot of stick B in the box.
Screenshot from The Escapist

How to outrun a seahorse in the animal well

To get past the seahorse in the animal well, you have to press the three yellow switches on the ceiling, which will open a portal that you can exit through in the upper left side of the room. If you already have the yo-yo item from the Ostrich Sphere, you can use it to hit each of the three buttons easily and quickly. But if not, you’ll need to use the seahorse bubbles as platforms to reach the buttons and tap them with your head.

Getting the seahorse bubbles into the right position can be difficult because seahorses don’t always want to cooperate, and will constantly spit out a stream of water to push you back. But if you’re quick, you can push the bubbles a little and lift them into place with your head. A seahorse will always spit out four bubbles before diving back underwater, and it’s usually best to try to jump to the second or third bubble to have the best chance of reaching the appropriate heights.

The middle key is the easiest to click because it’s also the least stuck. Simply stand on one of the two platforms below, wait for the seahorse to appear and blow some bubbles. Jump into any one of the bubbles, and you should have enough lift to flip the switch.

Shifting to the right can be one of the trickiest since the platform underneath is low, and the seahorse’s water jet can push you into the wall spikes if you’re not careful. I found it easier to try to use the bubbles to jump first onto the platform where the ladder is hanging. From there, you can wait for another group of bubbles to jump and hit the switch.

Animal Well screenshot of a glowing green seahorse spitting in a stream of water
Screenshot from The Escapist

For the left switch, stand on the platform to the left of the center, and a seahorse should appear below you, facing the direction of the switch. Try to jump on the third bubble it produces and use the two higher bubbles as a springboard to reach the switch. It may take a few tries to get everything right, but once you press the last switch, the gate will open, and you can use the same method to get to the exit at the top left of the screen.

After leaving the seahorse room, you’ll enter a cave with a chest on a clear platform in the middle of the water. Jump to the platform and open the chest to get the Bubble Wand, or B. Wand as the game calls it.

Now that you have the Bubble Wand in your hand, you can use it to create a floating platform, allowing you to get up and down Animal wellDepths. And if you also have a tablet, you can delve into the field of seahorses.

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