Top 10 fantasy baseball prospects: May 13

A reminder on how this works: This is a list for the 2024 season only. It’s not a list of the best overall prospects, but the players who have the best chance to make a difference in 2024.

It is also only a list of prospects currently in the minors/those with potential eligibility category. Players currently on MLB rosters or who have exhausted their rookie status are not considered eligible.

Those caveats aside, here’s a look at the top prospects who have a chance to make a fantasy contribution in 2024.

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1. James Wood, a native of Washington

2024 Stats: 35 G, .346/.444/.581, 7 HR, 9 SB, 25 BB, 32 SO at Triple-A Rochester.

It’s been an absolutely massive week for Woods, who has seen a homer five times and increased his slugging percentage by 106 points since the last update. The 6-foot-7 slugger hit two home runs in a pair of contests, getting multiple hits in four of six opportunities. Wood deserves that top spot at the moment, and it seems reasonable to believe that he will be stepping up with the national team in a relatively short time to showcase his talents. It should be, anyway.

2. Junior Caminero, INF, Tampa Bay Rays

2024 Stats: 23 G, .304/.379/.554, 6 HR, 1 SB, 11 BB, 21 SO at Triple-A Durham.

Outside of a triple-double against Durham on Saturday, the hits didn’t really fall for Caminero last week. What was nice to see is that he still showed patience at the plate with a week of five walks including two free passes on Sunday against the Bulls. Caminero is ready to go, it’s just a matter of the Rays finding him a place to play on a daily basis. He deserves to be on the roster now, but fantasy managers will have to be patient.

3. Jackson Holiday, INF, Baltimore Orioles

2024 Stats: 24 G, .295/.456/.484, 3 HR, 3 SB, 28 BB, 21 SO at Triple-A Norfolk; 10 G, .059/.111/.059, 0 HR, 0 SB, 2 BB, 18 SO in Baltimore.

Holliday also had a good week and remains the best overall prospect in baseball, but it seems a little likely that the two names mentioned above will get upgrades at this point. To be clear, this has more to do with Baltimore’s loaded roster than Holiday’s struggles through 10 games. If Baltimore finds a way to get Holiday back on the roster, I would certainly jump at the chance to draft him. There are too many positives to give up on him completely for 2024.

4. Tyler Black, 1B, Milwaukee Brewers

2024 Stats: 28 G, .312/.398/.523, 5 HR, 4 SB, 14 BB, 18 SO at Triple-A Nashville; 7 G, .227/.261/.318, 0 HR, 2 SB, 1 BB, 8 SO in Milwaukee.

Black was optioned to Triple-A with Christian Yelich activated from the injured list on Wednesday, and while the numbers weren’t great, there were good moments for the outfielder with the Brew Crew. He had multiple hits in two of his first three games and added a steal Sunday against Durham. Black may not be back with the Brewers for a while, but the ability to hit for average, steal bases, and provide some power makes him worthy of roster consideration whenever that happens.

5. Colson Montgomery, SS, Chicago White Sox

2024 Stats: .34 G, .225/.351/.426, 6 HR, 3 SB, 22 BB, 46 SO at Triple-A Charlotte.

A big jump for Montgomery this week, partly based on two players from last week’s roster — Paul Skines and Kyle Manzardo, for the record — graduating, and partly based on Montgomery looking more ready to play. Striking is still an issue, but with the walk comes the power is starting to show with a .618 slugging mark over his last 10 games. There’s a lot of risk with Montgomery for 2024, but it undeniably comes with a greater potential reward.

6. Cade Horton, RHP, Chicago Cubs

2024 Stats: 6G, 23.1 IP, 3.86 ERA, 3 HR allowed, 10 BB, 29 SO at Double-A Tennessee and Triple-A Iowa.

Horton made his second start at the Triple-A level on Friday, and things didn’t go well. It might not be okay. He allowed six runs, walked four, and gave up two homers in just three innings of work against Columbus. It was disappointing, but he struck out five and it’s hard to be too concerned about two bad Triple-A starts. Horton has the ability and leadership to succeed now, and is a must-have on the roster when the Cubs call him up.

7. Kobe Mayo, INF, Baltimore Orioles

2024 stats: 39 G, .293/.361/.616, 13 HR, 3 SB, 16 BB, 50 SO at Triple-A Norfolk

It’s been a tough week for Mayo, and over the last 10 games, the slugger has hit just .182 with 13 hits over 44 at-bats. However, the weekend was kinder to him, as he had a three-run homer on Friday, and doubled with a home run to close out Sunday against Memphis. If Mayo played in any other organization, he would either be much higher on this list or ineligible because he would be higher. Even in Baltimore, there is still plenty of 2024 fantasy potential.

8. Aurelves Martinez, 3B, Toronto Blue Jays

2024 Stats: 35 G, .277/.362/.569, 10 HR, 0 SP, 14 BB, 31 SO in Triple-A Buffalo.

Martinez had an injury scare after suffering a right knee injury on the field, but returned to the lineup on Sunday and headed home. Unsurprisingly, the third baseman has seen an average decline over the past two weeks — he’s not a .300 hitter and never will be — but the strength and greatly improved approach have a chance to make that number less significant. The Blue Jays would probably like to see more consistency, but everything points to him playing for Toronto at some point this summer.

9. Jess Jung, 3B/2B, Detroit Tigers

2024 Stats: 35 G, .282/.400/.524, 6 HR, 1 SB, 26 BB, 42 SO at Triple-A Toledo.

Welcome to the list, Jess. We were expecting you. Jung has been hitting Triple-A pitching recently with a .522 on-base percentage and .727 slugging mark over his last 10 games. There are two concerns here: He strikes out a lot, and he won’t contribute much in the stolen bases category. Even with strikeouts, he is the rare hitter who has a chance to hit for average — similar to big brother Josh — and has well above average power in his right-handed bat. With several members of Detroit’s roster struggling, Jung could see a call-up in the coming weeks, and he’ll have a chance to help out in a couple of categories whenever this promotion happens.

10. Jacob Wilson, Oakland Athletics

2024 Stats: 26 G, .439/.460/.664, 3 HR, 2 SB, 3 BB, 11 SO for Double-A Midland and Triple-A Las Vegas.

These numbers are not typos. Believe me, I checked. Wilson was hitting .455(!) with a 1.178 OPS in Double-A, and the sixth pick of last year’s draft went 3-for-5 on Friday and Sunday in his first weekend in the Pacific Coast League. There are some question marks about Wilson’s power, but this is one of the best hitters in the minors, and it now seems plausible – if not guaranteed – that he will have a chance to play with bullpen managers/fantasy help in 2024. . crazy.

Also considered: Victor Scott II, OF, St. Louis Cardinals; Marco Luciano, SS, San Francisco Giants; Jefferson Cuero, C, Milwaukee Brewers; Jason Dominguez, of the New York Yankees

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