Everlane’s Capsule Collection Is Great for Travel

As a travel writer and fashion enthusiast, I was on the edge of my seat when I recently learned that Everlane would be releasing a holiday-themed collection just in time for summer. I’ve been shopping for basics from the brand for years since I made it a priority to stock my wardrobe with sustainably made items, so when they offered me the opportunity to try on some of the pieces before the launch, I couldn’t wait. Withstands.

The most difficult part of packing, for me, is visualizing a variety of outfits with a reasonable number of pieces, and as an overpacker, I especially struggle in the summer when the weather fluctuates a lot. However, Destination vacation The collection officially put an end to my days of trying to put my wardrobe together without packing my entire wardrobe in the process. From dreamy dresses to the most comfortable knit shorts, this launch is designed specifically for travel so you can build your own personality Dream vacation wardrobe With only a few basic elements.

Off-shoulder muslin dress


The idea of ​​a capsule wardrobe is that it contains a variety of pieces carefully selected for their versatility, which is exactly what this collection does. Offering a range of eco-friendly tops, bottoms, dresses and even shoes, each piece can be mixed and matched to be worn in countless ways, effectively cutting down on what you actually need to pack in your bag while still providing ample clothing options. .

I have chosen two dresses – the Off-the-shoulder muslin dress And the Layered muslin dress – which have already become a mainstay in my wardrobe as they can be paired with anything from Adidas Sambas to A pair of dainty sandals For a day at the office, an evening happy hour, or even a nice dinner while traveling. Made from 100% organic cotton material, these dresses are perfect picks for days when the temperature is rising, and each comes in four colors and simple patterns that will perfectly match your existing wardrobe.

Crochet tank


Lightweight and airy fabrics are part of this collection Crochet tank And Shorts This collection is a solid choice for days out and touring as it can be worn together or styled separately, doubling your wardrobe possibilities. I’ve been loving the striped pattern that has proven to transcend the decades as a timeless style, and from dinner to a Broadway show, the sweater left me perfectly dressed for every activity on my agenda, all while remaining unencumbered by too-tight material.

Short crochet


And since comfortable shorts that don’t ride up are so hard to come by, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Crochet shorts I’m already wearing a lot of clothes on my daily commute, with the elastic waistband and loose fit being standouts. If, like me, you’re tired of turning to jeans as your favorite summer material, the open-hole tailoring of these organic cotton shorts will be a welcome change. Plus, thanks to the wearable black and white striped pattern, you can easily pair these shorts with a matching top or any other color you prefer depending on what the day calls for.

However, any good wardrobe should also contain at least one reliable pair of pants no matter the season Mariner cropped jeans It stands out as a carefree choice that will definitely be the backbone of your wardrobe on the cold travel days of spring and summer. The distressed hem instantly sets these jeans apart from traditional denim, while the wide leg cut ensures you’ll never feel restricted while walking around your vacation spot. Wear it to dinner with Crochet tank Or choose a monochromatic look with Supima blouse with puff sleevesBut let’s just say that if you’re stranded on an island with only one pair of jeans to choose from, this should be your choice.

The Cropped Mariner Jean


With a fun trip to New Mexico on the horizon in addition to my regular commute around New York City during the summer months, Everlane’s Destination vacation The set is the only thing I need to dress perfectly for every occasion. Not only do the lightweight pieces keep me feeling endlessly fresh, comfortable, and stylish, but they’re all nicely packaged to take up minimal space in my bag, making them an undeniable asset when I break out of my over-packing tendencies.

Since launching at Everlane on May 13, select pieces are already selling out quickly, so don’t wait too long to invest in these timeless staples that will reserve valuable space in your summer wardrobe for years to come. Interested in what else the set contains? Keep reading to find the rest of my favorite picks below.

More top picks from Everlane’s Vacation Collection

Tiered gauze dress


Supima maxi skirt is easy to wear


Double strap heel


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