Jet-setting crawfish travels through New Orleans airport and beyond

new orleans (WGNO) – A girl from New Orleans who loves crayfish She went viral with a new video of her live crayfish traveling on a plane from Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.

Madison, known on social media as “lobster girl” She talked about the adventures of her flying locusts in the sky.

This little grasshopper is on a journey, not a boiling pot.

“I mean, Lobster had the experience of a lifetime flying cross-country on budget,” she said.

New Orleans’ very own Social media “Crawfish Girl” went viral with her latest video of a crayfish sitting on a plane.

She said: “46 million views and the number is increasing within a week.”

Madison took her puppies, whom she affectionately calls “Linda,” to Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. Little Linda is seen wearing pink sunglasses in the video titled “There’s No Way,” but there was a way.

“You can bring seafood through TSA, raw or cooked, they don’t discriminate. That’s what I consider wrong with emotional support,” she said.

Other travelers were not bothered by this mud.

“People loved it. The girl next to me said Linda was evil with an evil boyfriend.

It’s not easy traveling outside the Big Easy with lobster.

“They’re always losing their glasses, oh my God,” she said.

It is clear that these locusts are part of a larger locust issue, especially after a difficult season with the recent drought.

“We are campaigning to make locusts accessible to everyone,” she said.

After this little summer adventure of the little crayfish, now it’s time to live like other crayfish.

“It’s on a local channel now,” she said.

But we bet this mud bug will catch the travel bug again.

“Crawfish Girl” is now an official brand, and will launch its products soon.

Jet-setting crawfish travels through New Orleans airport and beyond

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