Silo’s Disco Fries prize at Syracuse Food Truck Battle was an error, organizers say

Organizers announced the not-so-subtle winners from the stage and on social media on Saturday to crown this weekend’s food truck battle at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, and on Sunday they walked back their announcement that Ithaca’s own silo had taken second place in judging its prizes. Disco Fries entry in the salty category.

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In the final published results, Congo Box took first place in the judges’ choice rankings for the savory category, Dirty Bird Chicken & Waffles came in second place, and Mamacitas took third place, with Silo and Via Napoli, which were announced as winners on Saturday, removed from the list. existing. The Peoples Choice Award went to the Bold Coast Lobster Truck, which served up generous lobster rolls. There were over 50 food trucks competing overall.

Silo introduced Hott Honey Chicken over Sassy Citrus Slaw and Disco Fries as competing entries from the Silo Food Truck and Silo Fry Stand, respectively.

A person holds a tray of French fries and speaks to a competition referee

Chef and co-owner Jesse Steve offers an entree of disco fries. Photos courtesy Cielo.

Disco Fries are freshly cut French fries topped with Silo’s signature dark meat chicken broth, béchamel cheese sauce, and pickled red onions, and are available at Silo’s permanent location at Liquid State Brewing Company on the west end of Ithaca, as well as at festivals and events where Silo comes out Fry Stand for play.

“Unfortunately, we misread the final list of judges,” Food Truck Battle organizers told 14850 Dining on Monday. “While silo fry [Stand] and Via Napoli were chosen as the top two different judging teams, and their combined scores against all the other trucks actually placed them lower than advertised.

People stand and eat in front of a food truck with a Silo Fries sign

Attendees enjoy Disco Fries at Food Truck Battle.

Foley thanked “the amazing team at the Syracuse Food Truck Association for organizing such an amazing event” that was attended by more than 20,000 people. She says the Silo team served more people in two days than they normally do in a week.

“We sincerely apologize for the confusion,” the Syracuse Food Truck Association said.

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Two people wearing orange standing smiling in front of Silo Food Truck

Silo co-founders and co-owners Jesse Steve and Katie Foley are in a food truck battle this weekend.

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